Saturday, July 28, 2007

Village Well in Zowe

Here's a brief report on the Zowe Village Well project sponsored by Mr. Mike Ross of Central Presbyterian Church and two of his professional colleages in the USA.

CitiHope Country Director Gabriel Wesley Msongole writes:

Zowe is a small village in Euthini Area, Mzimba District, in Northern Region of Malawi (80km or 3 hours outside of Mzuzu). It is a remote area where there is no power (electricity); they use hurricanes for light. Zowe has a primary school and a prayer hut church in larger catchment area of 14 villages with a total population of 5,000.

Zowe was brought to our attention by Rev. Copeland Nkhata who travels there to preach as part of his Methodist Circuit of Mzuzu. According to Rev. Nkhata: “Zowe is a very dry place and people suffer a lot, as they have to drink dirty water from the same ponds where animals drink, especially in dry season and this makes people more vulnerable to diseases. And a borehole would be a great solution to the problem.”

On July 28 2007, a CitiHope team from both from the USA and Malawi led by Rev. Nkhata managed to visit the sight where the new bore hole well was just constructed to provide good and protected water for Zowe villagers. The Team comprised of Paul S. Moore II-Executive Vice President CitiHope International, Kasey Horvath, Steve Holosin, (visiting volunteer from the US) Gabriel Wesley Msongole Country Rep-CitiHope International-Malawi, Rev. Copeland Nkhata (United Methodist Church) and Dennis Singini-CitiHope International-Malawi.

The 14 villages that surround Zowe include: Muryanyinda, Vavela, Mambongo, Chitengamani, Chitupila, Yabama, Robert Mtika, Bandawe. Legion Tembo, Mwalupupu, Kamunthambani, Themba ukali, Mzale Phiri and Chikayanga. Out of the above mentioned villages 6 do not have bore holes in them but are always running up and down looking for good portable water. With the coming of this new Village Well in Zowe, at least 1000 people will benefit from it. The new borehole will cater for the church, the primary school and the entire community.

Paul Moore II in his speech to the villagers said: “Wherever we are, we are thinking of the people of Malawi as brothers and sisters with whom we can work together to uplift the lives of many people.” The villager head man who was present responded by thanking CitiHope international and all in the US who have made it possible for the well to be drilled in their village. With the coming of the new well in Zowe, it has been a good dawn for the villagers who are now happier than before.

Sponsors are needed for the next deep water well in Kamphenda village.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Methodist HopeHome Update


Dear Rev Michael and Paul Moore Jr.

We greet you with gladness of heart for the Lord Jesus has fused our heart to yours.
Kindly peruse the report below.
Our account had MK 70000.00 from CitiHope International. The details below reveal our expenditure.

MK 59000.00 - Food for two hope homes
MK 2930.00 - Transport (pick-up ferrying maize)
MK 500.00 - Exam photos – Ribia
MK 1300.00 - Blanket for one widow – very needy (Ester Chirwa)
MK 4000.00 - School fees for Chikumbutso & Elton
MK 1000.00 - food for Chipo
MK 2400.00 - Administration costs

MK 71130.00

NOTE: - we bought more maize this time to share with some orphans and vulnerable children at Masasa UMC branch as our area of influence is enlarging.

The beneficiaries do meet every once a month just to pray for the future success of the project and also to invoke God in building the lives of the children in question. We are also praying for you. And you are to us a wonderful extension of the hand of God in this noble enterprise.

Love from,
Leaster Mhone
Darlison Nyirenda

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PACCT III Leadership

Day Two by Paul Moore Jr.

PACCT was excellent today and Moira was up and at ‘em – perhaps a little more intense than she normally is. She is a genius and such a wonderful woman of God. And it was great seeing the Malawians do their thing – the kids really respond to them. “Hippo in the Water” exercise went over especially good today. We’ll see how “Problem Tree” and “Snake in the Bathroom” do tomorrow.

Blessings and Kevin (from Drew University) arrived by 1:00 pm and I had them join a panel discussion on the ABC’s of HIV/AIDS.

Rev. Copeland is just the guy. He came to PACCT III today just to make sure his youth were doing well and contributing. So did a few other pastors.

I did my whole “be a man” thing with the guys – they kept saying women needed to learn life skills to be able to say “no” to having sex with a boy. I went off on what about our job as men – as leaders – as warriors to STOP ASKING THEM – and to create a culture of men that honors, not uses, women. They got into it.

OK – so not Yale or Harvard ABC stuff… but it went well. Kasey is doing great and is a big help. Gabriel and Dennis laid some serious prayers on Steve and he is doing much better. It may be 12:45 AM, but my energy is high and I am doing my very best.