Thursday, February 26, 2009

Currently, Mzuzu United Methodist Church meets in a temporary wood and thatch hut in the middle of a cornfield, where they also care for 80+ orphans and abandoned children. The dream of their pastor, Rev. Copeland Nhkata, is to build a new sancturary to house both the congregation on Sunday and the children during the week. He will need our help to see this dream come true:

Dear Rev Michael,

See the dream sanctuary for Mzuzu UMC. You can advertise this dream for fundraising towards its construction. You can also share the information with your friend in South Korea who may be interested in helping us build the church building and orphan care center.

Rejoice with Mzuzu UMC in the Hope Scholarship success of Francis Nkhata, one of our students with 2 distinctions, one credit one pass in certificate in Financial Accounting. Photos to follow later.

We Love You and we are proud of your service.