Friday, June 19, 2009

Oprah Winfrey and Shalom?

Dr. J-P Duncan, one of our national trainers, alerted me to the Oprah Winfrey/Crow Creek Nation connection to Wodakota Shalom Community--our newest shalom site.

Oprah's group "Angel Network" support's the organization and their work on the Crow Creek Reservation with Tree of Life ministry and Wodakota Shalom, led by site coordinator Peter Lengkee.

Peter made a video about the plight of the Crow Creek reservation about a year ago (before the shalomzone training began) and sent it to Can Do , and they responded with volunteer support to help build a community center.

Here are two video clips about the Crow Creek reservation and the work of Peter Lengkeek of Wadokota Shalom:'s assessment and call to action Oprah's connection

I plan to visit Peter and Wadokata Community of Shalom next weekend.