Monday, August 29, 2011

WorldHope Corps Mid-Year Accomplishments

Since January 1, 2011, WorldHope Corps, Inc. has raised a total of  $86,000 to sustain the Hope programs in Malawi, support relief and development projects in Uganda, Ethiopia, Haiti and Belarus, and achieved the following practical results:

Fed, clothed and supported over 100 orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi through Hope Homes;

Provided educational scholarships for 16 youth who otherwise could not complete High School though Hope Scholarships;

Graduated the third class of 12 young seamstresses in Hope Tailoring School)
And put in six new village wells (for a total of 18) providing safe drinking water to over 10,000 people in remote areas.

During our annual mission trip to Malawi in May, ten WorldHope Corps volunteers:
Visited and served daily meals to orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children;

Served food and led recreational and educational activities at HopeHomes feeding program sponsored by Mzuzu United Methodist Church. 

Visited with youth recipients of Hope Scholarships and encouraged their education, vocational 
training and professional goals.

Participated in graduation ceremony of Hope Tailoring School;
Visited women prisoners and distributed hygiene supplies.

Worshiped with Malawian brothers and sisters on Sunday in churches

In addition, WorldHope Corps continued to assist earthquake victims in Haiti, sponsor youth at risk for HHIV/AIDS for a summer camp experience in Kampala, Uganda, continue our support of St. George Heath Centre in Western Uganda, sponsored two orphans in . Other special projects in Ethiopia, and contributed to CitiHope's  medical airlift to Belarus in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Chernobyl. 

We could have not achieved so much with such tremendous results without a loyal donor base of Friends of Mzuzu (who have gone on this and previous mission trips in the last 7 years), community program sponsors, and generous benefactors. In particular, we want to thank our major donors and corporate sponsors:

World Children's Fund
United Methodist Church
John Culp
Helen Ford
Sarah Harrington
Mike and Diane Rose
William and Carolyn Knox

And each individual and small group that supported WorldHope Corps in the first half of this year.

Thank you!  Thank you All!

Your continued support of WorldHope Corps is critically important, carefully managed, and deeply appreciated:

WorldHope Corps, Inc.--a 501 (c) public benefit organization focused on eliminating extreme poverty and developing sustainable communities through on-going programs in Africa and other world areas with critical needs.

Contribute today online: 

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In behalf of the Malawi Mission Team 2011

Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D., Founder
WorldHope Corps, Inc.
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Madison, NJ 07940

Monday, August 15, 2011

New House of Hope in Mzuzu--Progress Report

Building on the success of our Hope Scholarship and Hope Tailoring School programs in Malawi, and seeking ways to sustain the good work of orphan care, educational support and women’s economic empowerment in Malawi, WorldHope Corps--in partnership with Mzuzu United Methodist Church--broke ground in May and made progress over the summer for a new Hope House in Mzuzu.

According to Rev. Copeland Nkhata who oversees the joint project, the WorldHope House is "part of the vision God gave me in 2003 for a tangible example and expression of economic community development in Mzuzu." When completed, the house also will provide adequate space for a family in transition to permanent housing, and generate income to sustain the Hope Scholarship program for orphaned and vulnerable youth in the community.

The Hope Home, rather large by Malawian standards, is jointly owned by WorldHope Corps and the United Methodist Church in Mzuzu.  Income generated from the building is dedicated to Hope Scholarships on a monthly bases.
The total cost to build and operate the WorldHope House exceeds $30,000. Individual donors contributed $5000 to purchase good land near the main road into Mzuzu—the largest city in northern Malawi—and to design the building and get the plan through the civil approval process.    World Children’s Fund donated $20,000 to purchase materials and labor to build the house.   Additional funding is required to furnish and operate the WorldHope House and related programs.

For further information about WorldHope Corps programs in Malawi, see the WorldHopeCorps website blog:  WorldHope Corps blog

Michel J. Christensen, Founder and CEO
WorldHope Corps
P. O Box 295
Madison, NJ. 07940

WorldHope Scholarship Recipients in 2010-2011