Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Occupy the Temple

Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett
The following "Advent sermon" was offered by the Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett, University Chaplain, Drew University, on Sunday at the Occupy Wall Street church service:
In the Christian tradition

This is the season of Advent
The time of year when Christians
Wait for the Messiah, Jesus, to come
Despite our fairy tale images,
Jesus was no meek and mild child
Jesus came to turn the world around
To bring justice and freedom to those oppressed
To make the rich lowly, and to raise up the poor.
In one story in the Bible,
Jesus enters the temple in Jerusalem
Where the moneylenders and merchants
Had set up shop
And he calls them cheaters and liars
Robbers of the poor
Exploiters of the vulnerable
And he turns over the tables
One of the first occupiers--
Jesus occupied Jerusalem
In this season of waiting
Let us turn over the tables
Bringing low the rich
And raising up the poor
Bringing justice, freedom and a powerful, holy love
To those who need it most.
To those who need us most.
Occupy Advent Now!
Rev. Dr. Tanya Bennett, Drew University