Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dental Clinic for Haitians in Dominican Republic--Spring Project

Our New Spring Mission Project:  M.J. Dental Clinic

WorldHope Corps has been invited this year to expand our mission by joining CitiHope International’s new humanitarian assistance and community development projects in the Dominican Republic.  

Initially, we have been asked to help fund a new Dental Clinic for Haitian refugees in the rural north of the D. R. (who are unable to get dental work elsewhere in the country).  

This free, emergency, clinic will have a capacity to treat 4,000 patients yearly. 

Three operatory units, one compressor, vacuum and suction units, cabinets, and an x-ray machine are needed. New and refurbished dental equipment worth over $240,000 has been offered for a procurement, shipping and sponsorship fee of $18,800. 

WorldHope Corps would like to sponsor at least half this this amount during the month of April. 

The new buildings were built (in 26 days), and teams of American and Canadian dentists with hand tools are ready to volunteer their time in mission. If we are able to secure the needed equipment, the new dental clinic will be ready to operate in May.

Please consider a generous gift to help open this emergency clinic, and expand our mission into the DR.

Thanks so much!

Dr. Michael J. Christensen, Founder
WorldHope Corps, Inc.
P.O. Box 295
Madison, NJ 07940