Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Plea to Help Flood Victims, from Pastor Moses of Uganda

Hello friends and Shalomers: 

Two nights ago we had heavy rains which turned to floods for six hours.  The disaster caused many people to lose their houses and gardens and their lives. Two of the people who died are a 67 year old woman and her grand daughter of 12 years.   When the water entered her home, it brought down the house and swept everything out. Their bodies were found in Lake Victoria at the source of the Nile.

In the spirit of shalom we are raising funds to help the affected families. We call upon Shalomers wherever you are to join us in this situation.Though these people were affected directly, we all are affected

Pastor Baamu Moses
Director of Shalom Uganda ,Africa .

P.S.  Emergency funds for flood victims may be channeled through  

Dear Baamu Moses,

We at Thanksgiving Coffee pray for the safety and health of those who are left to make the situation better.
I have informed Willington at Gumutindo Cooperative and Henry at the Coffee Board of Uganda of the troubles in your neighborhood.

We need a description of the situation as it is now after all the damage has been assessed. Our prayers go out to those who grieve their losses.

Paul Katzeff, Founder

Dear Baamu,  my seminary, Pacific School of Religion, will be taking a love offering in Chapel in early May for your community that has suffered from flooding. I will send whatever funds are collected through Michael and WorldHope Corp. I pray you are surrounded with support through this difficult time. 

Michele Robbins

Yes, Pastor Moses, I have also seen the photos. I am so sorry to hear about this situation. I will join in with Dr. Christensen's love offering.  May our great and mighty God comfort and console you and your community at this very difficult time. 


Gaius Charles 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Uganda Mission Trip 2015

WorldHope Corps Mission Team and Friends 2014
Dear Friends of WorldHope Corps:

I  invite you to join us this year on a mission with Uganda in June, or support our mission there.  

Every year since 2005, I've led a service trip to Africa.  We go to communities to which we have been invited, to share in mutual ministry and joint projects; and we find that we gain so much more than what we give.  Henri Nouwen calls this "reverse mission" (See Gracias by Henri Nouwen).

This year we're returning to Uganda on June 22.  

Our ministry partners, Pastor Baaumu Moses (leader of Shalom Coffee Collective in Jinja) and Br. Julius Kasaija (leader of SARS Shalom near Hoima) invited members of WorldHope Corps and Communities of Shalom to come and see, enjoy and celebrate, the good things God is doing in Uganda in the lives of Christians, Muslim and Jews. 

Imam follows two Shalom leaders who lead the Shalom graduates of 2014

Together, we will participate in Five Great Community Events:

Shalom Tree where ShalomZone Training takes place near Jinja
Shalom Graduation Ceremony in Jinja:  Since 2010, a total of 470 coffee farmers, teachers, tailors and community workers, have gone through Shalom Training in Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) sponsored by Communities of Shalom.  This year the next class of 200 "shalomers" expect to receive a Certificate of Completion (on how to move from subsistence level survival to sustainable economic development and shared prosperity in the community).   We also hope to participate in the shalom coffee harvest to sell to Thanksgiving Coffee Company (their direct-trade boutique coffee roasting partner in California). Pastor Baamu Moses is our dear friend, faithful partner and splendid host in Jinja at the Source of the Nile. 

"Games for the Goal" Soccer Tournament:  Four years ago, Pastor Moses and actor Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights, Grey's Anatomy) started a youth empowerment program connecting kids love for the game of soccer with their need to get tested for HIV/AIDS. Once or twice a year, a thousand kids play in the 2-day tournament for "Baamu's Goat" and learn how to stay healthy.  In the process, they get an HIV test, meet caring doctors, counselors and spiritual leaders, make friends for life, and hear motivational speakers and role models like Gaius Charles share how to "step up to the next level" of good success and spiritual growth.  This is the fourth annual Games for the Goal event sponsored by WorldHope Corps.  We are still seeking sponsors for this year's event. 

Shalom Graduation Ceremony and Cultural Exchange in Mbale:  We will visit the Delicious Peace Coffee Cooperative in the mountains of Mbale and meet Jewish, Muslim and Christian farmers who have found a way to work together.  Shalom Zone Training with 115 participants began in Mbale in January, and if they are ready to graduate, we will witness and celebrate this multicultural event.  As time allows, we plan to drive through beautiful Mt. Elgon National Park with its rugged slopes, spectacular waterfalls, hidden caves, hot springs, mountain vegetation, and an extinct volcano on the border with Kenya.    

Shalom Training in Hoima:   Since 2007, WorldHope Corps has supported St George Hope Health Centre and SARS Shalom Zone in Western Uganda. We celebrated with over 100 community leaders who completed Shalom Training in 2014. This year, we plan to celebrate with another 100+ "shalomers" who will have completed the training by the end of June.  Fr. Paul Bigirwa and Br. Julius Kasaija  are an impressive team of Catholic brothers who know how to fight the good fight against AIDS, lack of clean water, and extreme poverty; and develop a healthy and beloved community of Shalom.  

Installation of Water Filtration System:  Our big project this year is to organize the community to install a complete water sanitation system and community water store in the remote Katikara Trading Centre.  In partnership with Healing Waters International, we plan to deliver cutting-edge technology, purification equipment, and training for the SARS Shalom team.  The goal is for SARS to sustain its community health projects by running a community-based Water Store to provide clean, safe water at an affordable price for 3,000+ villagers.  The scope and scale of this project in Uganda goes beyond the 60+ individual village wells we've drilled in Malawi since 2006, and we need to raise another $15,000 to complete this project.   

I hope you will consider joining us on this mission of hope, and/or support our collaborative work with a generous donation.    WorldHope Corps 

We leave on June 22 for one, two or three weeks depending on individual schedules.   

For more information, please contact me at 

Prayerfully count the cost and consider joining us.

It will change your life and make a difference in the world!

Here's a link to make a donation online:  WorldHope Corps

or send a gift to the address below.

Again, thank you for being a friend and supporter of this mission!

Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO
PO Box 7688
San Diego, CA 92167