Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Uganda Mission Begins

Travel Day One.  Washington/Dulles International to Dubai Airport.   Rebecca and I leave today to join and lead a team of ten "shalomers" (five Ugandans, four Americans, and one Malawian) on a 21-day mission in Uganda to raise hope and deepen community development projects in Jinja, Mbale and Hoima areas.

Every year since 2005 I’ve organized and led a service trip and mission to Malawi or Uganda, either for CitiHope International or WorldHope Corps.  This year’s international Mission is focused on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) as taught by Communities of Shalom, based at Drew University, as well as on several WorldHope Corps sponsored projects.  

Our team will conduct the seventh and final session of ShalomTraining for 300 organized coffee farmers ready to step up from subsistence to sustainable livelihoods, and lead and participate in two support and empowerment conferences: one for youth at-risk for HIV/AIDS; and the other for women desiring greater economic independence and education.  We’ll also implement a water purification and community health project in a community lacking clean, safe, potable, drinking water.

I’ll try to post a picture or two each day and provide an update on FB.  I also invite your continued prayers and support for our mission at hand.  Here’s the link to my Worldhope Corps travel blog:

Feel free to pass it along to those who may be interested in our ongoing work in Uganda.