Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Martha, Toni, Norman and Dennis Visit Orphan Care Centers and Villages in need of Wells

Antonio and Norman with FOMCO children in late October 2016
Coordinated by Dennis Singini, WorldHope Corps staff and volunteers--Dennis Kelvin Zulu, Martha Cavazos, Norman and Antonio Kroger--visited two orphan care centers and several rural villages in northern Malawi in October/November to assess community needs and provisions. 

Kelvin Zulu is Program Assistant for WorldHope Malawi.  He also is a gifted and committed teacher who for the past 10 years has instructed children without parents at FOMCO--an orphan care and feeding station in Mzuzu historically supported by WorldHope Corps. Due to lack of designated funds, we are not able to provide enough food and medical assistance to this worthy project.  
Martha and Dennis visit Children at Kakholi primary school who meet for class under a tree. 

Norman and Antonio Kroger
 (friends of WorldHope Corps  since Toni was a High School Exchange student from Germany in the Laird-Christensen household), visited the orphan care center,  witnessed the hardships first hand, and generously supplied school supplies for more effective learning. 

Norman pumps clean water for the women waiting in line near one of the orphan care centers and schools  

Toni tries her hand in pumping clean water with women who waited more than an hour for their turn.
This deep water well (borehole) serves 12 villages and more than 2000 families.

Martha Cavazos,
n American volunteer, (who had first come to Malawi during a WorldHope Corps mission trip when she was a teenager), returned to Mzuzu last month and visited the children of FOMCO and another orphan care center-- Kachere in Doroba--whose cupboards are bare and could use some aid.  

Martha Cavazos met the Orphans at Kachere in Doroba in Malawi in mid October
 During Martha's visit, an employee of Build-on, an NGO which builds schools in the rural areas, accompanied Dennis and Martha on their visits to Kakholi Primary School and other village areas under consideration for drilling new community wells once sponsors are identified and resources made available.  They assessed water issues in the community in the context of population, nearest water source, current practices, incidence of sickness due to water-born diseases, hygiene, nutrition, need for mosquito nets, and training needs.  Jinda was selected as the most needed place for WorldHope Corp's next village well.  

 This village Classroom needs a new roof before the rainy season starts
Sponsors are needed for nutrition, nets and clean water in Jenda.  
  • School Supplies ($300)
  • Nutritional aid ($500)
  • Staff support for Net Distribution ($4,000)
  • New Village Well ($10,000)

Orphans play at the center using locally made materials

Martha greets pupils at Kakholi primary school in Jenda area--
where we plan to drill our next village well
An open well which school children in Jenda drink from when it rains. 
But muddy rain water is not healthy.  They need a deep, clean water source for the community
WorldHope Corps will drill our next borehole here!
Please consider making a contribution today--on GivingTuesday--either by mail or online. Thanks!

www.worldhopecorps.org     WorldHope Corps, PO Box 7688, San Diego, CA 92167

Sunday, October 23, 2016

WorldHope Malawi Ready to Rock and Roll

Pastor Dennis greeting students at Point Loma Nazarene University
Josie, Dennis and Michael
Dennis Singini's "American Adventure" 7-week tour has concluded and he has returned to Malawi to ramp up and rock and roll as Program Director of WorldHope Corps Malawi.

On behalf of the board of directors, I want to thank Josie Dittrich (Dennis' USA Tour sponsor) and WorldHope Corps' many friends, followers and supporters who met, hosted or prayed for Dennis during his 7-week, 12-city USA tour; and who helped him with friend-raising, fund-raising and educational opportunities. Together, we succeeded in equipping Dennis for a new level of responsibility and in raising his program budget for Malawi. 

All totaled, we raised over $50,000 in gifts-in-kind, cash donations, and pledges during Dennis's tour! This is a tremendous provision that lets us procure and distribute 700+ Mosquito Nets for "No More Malaria", do free eye exams and issue 1000+ prescription Eye-glasses, sponsor an HIV/AIDS Shalom training event, and start a new village well monitoring and maintenance program.  We also received two $10,000 pledges to drill two new Village Wells in the New Year.  And, most importantly, we raised enough staff support to employ Dennis as Program Director for WorldHope Malawi this year. 

Dennis interviewed by Lindsay
One of the most delicious fruits of our labor, or rather, one of most gracious and generous gifts received during Dennis' American Tour, was a cash offering of $1,895 toward the purchase of a motorcycle for the circuit-riding ministry of Pastor Dennis as he visit the 12 churches he planted and some of the 50 village wells he personally drilled or facilitated drilling for WorldHope Corps.  This special gift was contributed by the members of a Sunday School class led by Professor Dean Nelson at San Diego First Church of the Nazarene.  

We still need another $1,000 to purchase a newer motorbike for Dennis, as well as additional funds for village wells and training events, so please help out if you can.

The easiest way to support Dennis and WorldHope Corps is to give online at  www.worldhopecorps.org (designating your gift for a WorldHope Malawi project, motorbike or staff support).  

OR you can send a check made payable to WorldHope Corps to the address below:

WorldHope Corps, Inc.
P.O. Box 7688
San Diego, CA 92167

Again, thank you--friends, hosts, and supporters--for contributing to this success of Dennis' wild and wonderful American Adventure and the ramp up of WorldHope Malawi. 
John Culp family and Dennis

I invite you to follow our clean water and community development projects in Malawi and Uganda on this blog site, and also visit our website at www.worldHopeCorps.org

Seeking Shalom,

Michael J. Christensen, Founder and CEO
WorldHope Corps, Inc.

P.S. Take a look at some of our new friends of WorldHope Corps below: 

Hosted by Pastor Kelvin Sauls
Dennis meets James Lawson

Monday, October 03, 2016

Dennis Singini's "American Adventure" Tour Concludes in Georgia

Zech 4:6 "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.'"

By Josie Dittrich, Tour Sponsor

I'm sure that everyone who hosted or met Dennis experienced the same thing I did: a one-on-one of the living Gospel. The Spirit of God within Dennis manifesting the Christ-like compassion, wisdom, insight and overwhelming love for mankind. 

After months of planning and looking forward to Dennis being in the U.S., his two-month, seven state, ten city "American Adventure" has come and gone. Once it started, it sure went fast! Thanks to each of you for your friendship and support in helping to supply and fortify Dennis with his many continuing efforts in Malawi through WorldHope Corps, Communities of Shalom, Lions Club Golden Isles, Talitha Kum/Wezi House of Grace and of course, preaching. The results will be continuing in marvelous ways none of us can conceive at this time.

While Dennis was in St. Simons Island, GA., he spoke to the Lions Club Golden Isles, who to-date, have donated 1000+ used prescription eye glasses & shipped them to Mzuzu. Dr. Robert Millican of the Millican Eye Center, secured and refurbished a SureSight Vision Screener, which has a retail value of $6000. Dr. Millican trained Dennis how to use this amazing medical device and has sent it with him . . . to do the outreach that began with 35 pairs of Dollar Tree eye glasses that I mailed to Dennis several years ago. 

This medical device is purposely developed for remote locations where there is no electricity. In a few seconds of time, prescription eye needs can be accessed. Then the 1000+ glasses, which have the prescription marked on them and have been sorted accordingly, will be able to be matched up easily. 

Please see the attached article of The Brunswick News regarding Dennis & The Lions Club. It isn't totally accurate, but it gets the general story across. BTW: at the end it states the distribution to 20 villages in Northern Malawi will take a few days. Actually, it will take at a minimum of several weeks of time spread across months, as time allows. 

This has been a dream come true for me. It is an answer to prayers that I could never have imagined. Thank you, Father God, truly, "'not by might or power, but by My Spirit' says the Lord Almighty." It is a miracle . . . there is no other explanation. 

Respectfully and gratefully submitted,
Josie Dittrich

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pastor Dennis Experiences Southern Hospitality in Columbia, SC

Report Summary submitted by Rev. John Culp, host and shalom friend of WorldHope Corps

Dennis arrived in Columbia, S.C. just in time to go to a USC football game. This was an Experience. He saw 85,000 fans yelling and hysteria in a stadium larger than anything in Malawi. The football game was a new experience and tailgating too. Just the expensive trucks and cars showed how wealthy the US is in relation to the rest of the world. He caught a football when the field goal kicker was practicing. 

Dennis also was able to see old friends who visited Mzuzu four years ago and they are planning another mission trip in June.  

Dennis spoke to three churches and several children groups on Sunday. 

We shared with him the history of slavery in SC. by visiting a memorial and the museum of SC.  Mzuzu uses the same hoe and tools today that we used here during plantation days . These villages in Malawi are 100 years behind us.  

A very special and Holy moment was when Dennis met our granddaughter, Regan, who is now six years old and cancer free.   When she was three months old with cancer, a miracle of grace happened and the cancer vanished. Out of gratitude, enough funds were raised to sponsor a new village well near a school that had no clean water. Dennis and WorldHope Corps drilled a deep well and named it Regan's Well--to the Glory of God!  

Dennis is such a blessing and we are thankful for his God given gifts and special visit to South Carolina.

Rev. John Culp, grandaugther Regan, John's daughter and Dennis Singini

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dennis's Preliminary Report on activities and outcomes in California

What follows is a mission update for hosts and sponsors of Dennis Singini on his USA educational and fund raising tour

After visiting friends in Northern New Jersey, Greensboro, North Carolina, and 
sharing his passion for drilling deep wells to provide clean water in Malawi, Dennis Singini caught a longer than expected flight from Charlotte to San Diego for the next leg of his 7-week American Adventure.  

In San Diego, Dennis shared with three groups about how he through WorldHope Corps has personally drilled or facilitated the drilling over 50 boreholes or village wells since 2006 in Malawi. When a Sunday School class at San Diego First Church of the Nazarene heard how he travels by bicycle to preach at the 12 churches he planted, and by public transportation to rural villages to mobilize for well-drilling, members took up a collection of almost $3,000 for the purchase of a motorcycle to use in his ministry.  All totaled, friends he met at First Church pledged over $24,000 toward the work of WorldHope Corps in rural villages (motorbike, 2 village wells, and educational scholarships). 

In Los Angeles, at Holman United Methodist Church, Dennis shared his team's desire to distribute "Nothing but Nets" to prevent Malaria in Malawi.  The church took a love offering—households at Holman providing nets for households in Malawi. Over $2,000 was collected for Mosquito Nets for WorldHope Malawi to distribute.

In San Francisco, Dennis shared his efforts to work with pastors and congregations dealing with HIV/AIDS in Malawi.  In the City, he visited a number of AIDS clinics, counseling centers, and HIV support groups, including: Positive Force, Shanti, and SF AIDS Foundation.  After meeting patients and long-term survivors, and after staying with Doug Smith and Peter in Berkeley, Dennis had an idea, perhaps a vision, for creating a community resource center to support people living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi. Ideally such a center would be located near a village well sponsored by WorldHope Corps, and/or near a school. It might also be combined with the need for a WHC Malawi office and distribution center for Nets. We shall see how this all unfolds.

On the Sabbath in Berkeley, Dennis was introduced by his hosts, Maxim Schrogin and Karen Harber, to members of Synagogue Beth El.  He brought greetings at the Torah Study and met several interesting people who wanted to help him.  

On Sunday, Dennis was introduced by David Ourisman and Doug Smith to the congregation of Epworth Berkeley United Methodist Church.  There he spoke at Adult Study to about 20+ people about his Shalom ministry in Malawi. Friends in Berkeley contributed $6,061 to his mission so far, and more may be coming in. 

Before he left the Bay Area, Dennis, Doug Smith and Jim Bergdoll had dinner with the residents of the Temiscal Co-housing project in Oakland.  There he presented Shalom principles of Asset Based Community Development and learned about ABCD development in Oakland.  

Dennis left SF on Tuesday, September 13, for Georgia--the next phase of his journey. On St Simon’s Island, GA, this week, hosted by Josie Dittrich, he will make a presentation to the Lions Club Golden Isles, and then receive expert training from Dr. Millican on how to use the SureSight Vision Screener (valued at $6000) donated by the Lion’s Club. With this new training capability, Dennis will be able to determine the specific eye prescription needed to match one of the 1000+ pairs of used eyes glasses provided by the Lions Club, which are already in Malawi. Then its on to Columbia, SC, Macon, and Atlanta (details of which will be in the next Update)

Dennis Singini and his hosts make me proud, PROUD!

Additional contributions can be made online at  www.WorldHopeCorps.org or sent to the WorldHope Corps address below. Thanks, everyone, for doing all you can. Truly a team effort!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Dennis Singini Arrives in Greensboro, NC & Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA

Report on Dennis' Activites in North Carolina and Virginia

Submitted by Host Rob Robins, Osborne Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC

Dennis arrived at Greensboro at 11:30 pm on 8/13, several hours late. On Sunday the 14th we visited Osborne Baptist Church, but were unable to stay for the entire service due to the fact that Dennis needed to be at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, some 100 miles away, at 12:30 pm to begin his business class. After a quick stop at Ci Ci’s pizza and the campus bookstore, Dennis began his five day intensive class in Strategic Planning. Dennis stayed with Wes Gauldin and his wife who graciously shuttled him around and fed him for a week. (Wes’ brother-in-law has been to Malawi and is friend’s with Dennis.) 

On Thursday night the 19th, I picked Dennis up from Lynchburg. Saturday we went fishing during the morning and then Dennis mowed some of Genesis Ministries field with my little tractor. The next day – Sunday - he was able to teach an adult connection group at Osborne Baptist, before preaching a fabulous sermon at M & L Tabernacle of Faith in Reidsville, NC, followed by a wonderful meal. Sunday evening Dennis spoke at a Celebrate Recovery, sharing the testimony of how his drunkard dad met Jesus and was changed. 
Monday, the 22nd, we went to Celebration Station and raced go-carts, rode bumper boats, and played a game of Putt-Putt golf. That evening we, my 8 yr. old, David Hinton - a young man who spent over 3 months in Malawi, and Delana, who has also been to Malawi, went to an indoor rock climbing facility. To which, Dennis made it the 40’ to the top. 

On Wednesday, before flying to San Diego, Dennis spoke to the Elementary students at Community Baptist Christian School, presented a beautiful chief’s chair to the pastor of M&L Tabernacle, and had lunch with another African American pastor.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summary Report from Dennis Singini's Hosts in New Jersey

Dear Friends, 
It is with great joy and thanksgiving that we send our good friend and brother Dennis Singini on to North Carolina. His time with us here in New Jersey has been devoted to assisting him in starting his new role as the Malawi Director for WorldHope Corps by introducing him to other believers who are already involved in mission work in Malawi and by creating opportunities for him to present his vision and to shape his message.
We facilitated meetings between Dennis and two faith-based groups and are confident that we have laid the groundwork for future assistance and cooperation. We saw Dennis making personal connections and even watched as he made plans to meet with some our friends, now his friends too, when they are in Lilongwe in September. 
We never know what God has planned, but we are filled with joy over the warm reception people here showed Dennis and with hope that a great future for Dennis and the people of Malawi has been forged here in New Jersey. 
With blessings to all, from the warm heart of New Jersey, Helen and Ruth

Friday, August 12, 2016

Dennis Singini Arrives in New York to begin his USA Tour

Dennis Singini arrived at JFK this week to begin his USA Tour with WorldHope Corps, hosted for the first day by Dr. Caroline Njuki, board member of WorldHope Corps, Inc.

"We had our briefing and Dennis shared stories about his work," Caroline posted. "I shared with him donor trends and fund-raising tips, and will help him all I can."  

"It was worthy time spending and touring New York city," Dennis replied.  "It made me realise I am really IN the USA. Many thanks to Dr. Caroline!  Am now back from a music festival with [WorldHope Corps volunteer] Stacy Radmore.  It was wonderful to enjoy the music, tasting different foods and meeting other friends. Thanks to Stacy for taking me there. I appreciate all her generosity."

Thank you all so much for your contribution to the success of Dennis's trip. Shalom,  Caroline Njuki

Friday, July 29, 2016

Pastor Dennis Singini USA Tour for WorldHope Malawi

Man on a Mission

August 1, 2016

Dear Friends of WorldHope Corps:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Dennis Singini as Country Representative and Program Director, WorldHope Malawi!

For ten years, since 2006, I’ve been a ‘Man on a Mission to Malawi’ to help AIDS orphans, provide Hope Scholarships, and drill village wells in Malawi.  This year, rather than returning to Malawi, I’ll help a ‘Man on a Mission from Malawi’ raise funds for WorldHope Malawi—our partner organization he now leads. 
Pastor Dennis Singini served for 6 years as Program Director for CitiHope International’s USAID Food for Peace/Malawi program, and for several years as an Assistant Protocol Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malawi. As CR for WHC, Dennis will continue as pastor of Rumphi Bible Believers’ Church and oversee other rural congregations in Northern Malawi.   I have known Dennis since 2006, we have worked together on many projects, and he is a man after God's own heart.

To inaugurate Dennis’s new role, and help him raise funds, I am pleased to partner with Ms. Josie Dittrich (former CitiHope staff member and film/ documentary producer) to sponsor Pastor Dennis for a 7-week, 10-city, training and fund-raising tour in the USA (Aug. 8 – Sept 26, 2016). I invite you to connect with him during this time, and help him raise his local ministry budget for 2017 (to fund core programs of water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS Training, Shalom Training, Hope Scholarships and Social Business projects).

Josie generously covered the cost of Dennis’ international travel.  Rob Robbins will sponsor Dennis for a one-week, intensive business course in Strategic Planning at Liberty University. Gaius Charles will sponsor Dennis for advance Shalom Training at the CCDA Conference in Los Angeles. Local hosts will schedule local speaking/training events, provide lodging, meals, and local ground travel for Dennis while he is in each area (see tentative schedule and local hosts attached).

We still need co-sponsors to help cover Dennis’s domestic travel in the USA (approximately $1,000).  Dennis's #1 goal is to raise $10,000 to cover WorldHope Malawi core programs in 2017 (water and sanitation training, mosquito net distribution, and educational support for youth).  That breaks down to $1000 in each city he visits.  He has more than 10 hosts, so each one of us should introduce him to, say, ten friends who may be willing to donate $100 (or $10/month). 

Churches and organizations, of course, will be able to do more. Once we cover core programs, we can help Dennis raise another $10,000 for special projects of particular interest to major donors (e.g. social business projects such as another chicken business or water store).  

Please consider a special gift this month, and share this letter with others in your circle of influence.  Look over Dennis' travel schedule and let me know if you have friends in one of the cities he will visit so that we can invite them to an event.  

Again, our base need is to raise $10,000 in 10 cities, in 7 weeks. I believe we will do it, but "it takes a village."  

Together,  we can help Dennis find new donors, raise his budget, experience regional culture, see old friends, meet new ones, and generally enjoy his preaching and fund-raising tour of the USA.  Thank you!

Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D.
Founder and Director, WorldHopeCorps.org

P.S. Tax-deductible donations for WorldHope Malawi can be made online at our website: www.worldhopecorps.org   Checks can be sent to WHC, PO Box 7688, San Diego, 92167.

Dennis Singini, Certified Shalom Trainer
Dennis with Doug Smith (far right)

Dennis Singini, Pastor in Malawi

Pastor Dennis, Rev. Michele Robbins and Dr. C. at Shalom Coffee Coop

Pastor Dennis Singini USA tour for WorldHope Malawi

Current Hosts and Contacts:

- NYC: Dr. Caroline Njuki
- Northern NJ: Helen Hoens, Ruth Bashe, Stacy Radmore
- Greensboro, NC: Rob Robbins
- Lynchburg, VA: Wes Galden
- Atlanta, GA:
Rev. Ellynda Lipsey , Jim McGill and Harriett Kelly
 -Macon, GA:  Frank Austin
- Columbia, SC: Rev. John Culp
- San Diego: Drs. Michael and Rebecca Laird-Christensen
Los Angeles:  Dr. Michael Christensen and Dr. Rob Duncan
- SF Bay Area: Berkeley Shalom Team
 (Maxim and Karen Harber, Doug Smith,  Michele Robbins, Alan and Rose Kimber)
- St. Simons Island, GA: Josie Dittrich

Jossie, Dennis and Michael
Dennis' Travel and Speaking Schedule:

Tues, Aug 9            Arrive in JFK 
Aug 9-13                 Northern NJ/NYC
Sat, Aug 13             Newark to Greensboro, NC

Aug 14-19               Strategic Planning Course – Lynchburg, VA
Aug 19-25               Greensboro, NC. 
Sun, Aug 21            Osborne Baptist Church                                          

Thurs, Aug 25         Fly from Greensboro to San Diego
Aug 25-30               Donor Development in San Diego

Sun, Aug 28            San Diego First Church of the Nazarene
Tuesday, Aug 30    Water of Life ministry focus at First Church

Aug 31-Sept 3        CCDA Training Conference in Los Angeles  

Sun, Sept 4              Dennis brings greetings and meets with staff at Holman UMC, LA, Kelvin Sauls, Pastor
                                  Travel from LAX to SFO
Mon, Sept 5               Labor Day with friends in SF Bay Area

Sept 6 – 12                  Berkeley and SF Bay Area fund-raising

Sunday, Sept. 11         Hosted by Shalom Team, Eworth Berkeley UMC

Sept 13                        Dennis flies to JAX
Sept 13-16                   St. Simons Island, GA  (Josie Dittrich, host)

Sept 14                        Training with Dr. Millican for SureSight Vision Screener (SSI)
Sept 15                        Speaking at Lions Club Golden Isles – St. Simons Island (re: 1600+ eye glasses outreach - Lions Club has                                                 provided in Northern Malawi)

Sept 17                       Departs SSI with Rev. Ricky Bates & family for SC
Sun. Sept 18              Preaching in Columbia, SC   (Rev. John Culp, host)
Sept 19                       Meet with South Carolina UMC     Conference contacts
                                   Fly from Columbia to Atlanta        

Sept 20-22                Atlanta with friends (Jim McGill, Harriett Kelly)
Sept 23                     Macon City tour (Frank Austin, host)
Sept 24                    All day – Shalom Zones Event –11 zones, 600+ volunteers         
Sunday, Sept. 25      Preaching at Stone Mountain UMC,  Rev. Lipsey pastor

Sept 26                     Depart Atlanta for Dulles and return to Malawi.