Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Martha, Toni, Norman and Dennis Visit Orphan Care Centers and Villages in need of Wells

Antonio and Norman with FOMCO children in late October 2016
Coordinated by Dennis Singini, WorldHope Corps staff and volunteers--Dennis Kelvin Zulu, Martha Cavazos, Norman and Antonio Kroger--visited two orphan care centers and several rural villages in northern Malawi in October/November to assess community needs and provisions. 

Kelvin Zulu is Program Assistant for WorldHope Malawi.  He also is a gifted and committed teacher who for the past 10 years has instructed children without parents at FOMCO--an orphan care and feeding station in Mzuzu historically supported by WorldHope Corps. Due to lack of designated funds, we are not able to provide enough food and medical assistance to this worthy project.  
Martha and Dennis visit Children at Kakholi primary school who meet for class under a tree. 

Norman and Antonio Kroger
 (friends of WorldHope Corps  since Toni was a High School Exchange student from Germany in the Laird-Christensen household), visited the orphan care center,  witnessed the hardships first hand, and generously supplied school supplies for more effective learning. 

Norman pumps clean water for the women waiting in line near one of the orphan care centers and schools  

Toni tries her hand in pumping clean water with women who waited more than an hour for their turn.
This deep water well (borehole) serves 12 villages and more than 2000 families.

Martha Cavazos,
n American volunteer, (who had first come to Malawi during a WorldHope Corps mission trip when she was a teenager), returned to Mzuzu last month and visited the children of FOMCO and another orphan care center-- Kachere in Doroba--whose cupboards are bare and could use some aid.  

Martha Cavazos met the Orphans at Kachere in Doroba in Malawi in mid October
 During Martha's visit, an employee of Build-on, an NGO which builds schools in the rural areas, accompanied Dennis and Martha on their visits to Kakholi Primary School and other village areas under consideration for drilling new community wells once sponsors are identified and resources made available.  They assessed water issues in the community in the context of population, nearest water source, current practices, incidence of sickness due to water-born diseases, hygiene, nutrition, need for mosquito nets, and training needs.  Jinda was selected as the most needed place for WorldHope Corp's next village well.  

 This village Classroom needs a new roof before the rainy season starts
Sponsors are needed for nutrition, nets and clean water in Jenda.  
  • School Supplies ($300)
  • Nutritional aid ($500)
  • Staff support for Net Distribution ($4,000)
  • New Village Well ($10,000)

Orphans play at the center using locally made materials

Martha greets pupils at Kakholi primary school in Jenda area--
where we plan to drill our next village well
An open well which school children in Jenda drink from when it rains. 
But muddy rain water is not healthy.  They need a deep, clean water source for the community
WorldHope Corps will drill our next borehole here!
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