Sunday, February 05, 2017

Anti-Malaria Net Distribution Begins

During the last three months of 2017, Dennis and Singini and this WorldHope Malawi team visited 109 villages in Northern Malawi, including: Doroba, Mzimba, Rumphi, Mzuzu and Nkhata bay. During these visits, village chiefs welcomed our team and promised to work with us for the good of their suffering communities. When asked about the major challenges they faced, these were their major concerns:  
  Early Marriages among girls due to poverty
  Malaria still killing a lot of pregnant women, children and elderly people
  Access to Clean water
  Nutritional challenges, especially among children under 5.  
  HIV/AIDS health issues related to malnutrition, stigma, and discrimination 

Our WorldHope team conducted "sensitization meetings" with village chiefs and their advisers to prepare them for some of our training programs and interventions, including:  
  Communities of Shalom training in Asset Based Community Development
  PACCT training for HIV/AIDS mitigation through church groups
  Water and Sanitation training
  Mosquito Nets distribution and training in how best to use against infection. 

WorldHope Malawi is pleased to partner with the Mzimba District Health Office for anti-malaria Mosquito Nets Distribution to avoid duplication of services in our communities. Priority will be given to female prisoners and poor families in rural areas outside of Mzuzu. Two staff from the District Hospital were assigned to work with WHC Mw during sensitization meetings. The Health personnel taught people how to hang and care for the net. Also helped in addressing some of beliefs that the nets make people sterile. 

1000 Mosquito nets were purchased from Population Service International Malawi (PSI) a recognized entity to sale already treated nets. 

--> Dennis at purchasing Nets at PSI Offices
in Mzuzu on January 27,2017

ü  Kelvin reported that several meetings were held with Mzimba North District Health Office, Malaria Coordinator i.e. to cordially identify and agree upon where WHC Mw is to distribute mosquito nets to avoid duplication of efforts.
ü   It was then agreed upon to target Mzuzu Women's Prison [i.e. women with children and elderly who are sick and it was implemented.]
On 31st January, Program Director and volunteers  visited the women prisoners and old men whom amidst them many looked sickly.  The anti-Malaria mosquito nets were distributed to the grateful prisoners.



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