Monday, December 31, 2018

"Papa's Well" is done! Before Christmas!

 Isn't this amazing and gratifying? 

"Papa's Well"--the new well in Zebedia Village opened today! Children are celebrating clean water.

Pastor Dennis Singini did a great job of project management. "What a Christmas Gift to this community," Dennis reports. 

The final sponsor's plate is not yet a fixed to the pump, but an inscription was done by the Village Chief in the cement base after the well was drilled and a Goat as a gift given to the American sponsor who wants to remain anonymous.

Dennis was given a goat and received it on behalf of the Sponsor as a gesture of Appreciation for helping them.
And I love what the Village Chief had previously said to Dennis (below). 

"What good would come from Bethlehem? Village headman Zebedia asked me? We were forsaken and we were told that we are not worthy to have a borehole here, but today God has answered our prayer. People are coming and ask us what has happened that we can have clean water right here in our village. We say thank you for helping us."
Note that rural villages are often named and known by the village chief--Zebedia.

Friends of WorldHope Corps:
Heavier, and more expensive than usual,  drilling equipment was needed this time to get down below the rocks to the aquifer.

Please help us keep the water flowing in 2019!

Give online:

Or put a check in the mail.

Thank you!

Dr. Michael Christensen
Executive Director,
WorldHope Corps, Inc.
3205 Carleton St.
San Diego, CA 92106

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Drilling "Papa's Well" this week in Zepedia

"Papa's Well" is being drilled this week in Zebedia Village in Northern Malawi.

WHC Village Well Number 69 since 2007
Location: Zebedia Village
Population: Five villages, 2,790 people
Name of Village Well: “Papa’s Well”
Sponsor: An American who wants to remain anonymous
Notation: The scripture verse the sponsoring family selected for this well is Jeremiah 29:11. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

Finishing touches will be completed early next week in time for fresh, clean water to flow in the village by Christmas Day!

Please help us keep the water flowing. 
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Story: Zebedia is a medium size village of 900 people surrounded by 5 villages of 465 households led by four traditional village chiefs (Total population: 2,790 people).  On July 10, 1984, a relatively shallow well was drilled with gravity points of access to serve the local population. It worked for about 10 years, after which they could no longer maintain it. After a drought, the well dried up and is no longer viable. 

A deep-water borehole has been needed in this area for several years to save the villagers from walking a long distance to find clean water.  WorldHope Corps discovered Zebedia village through Pastor Dennis Singini who makes regular rounds in this area from village to village to preach, plant churches and distribute food and mosquito nets for WorldHope Corps.

“Since 1994 when the 1984 gravity water project failed they don't have any source of clean water,” says Dennis Singini. “It's pathetic. It would be an excellent gift to the village to have that well drilled before Christmas. Then the people can bless God on Christmas Day while they are drinking clean water.”

and now they are getting one, praise God!

Friday, December 14, 2018

New Pump Provided for Water Store at Katikara Trading Centre

We all did it!  The local community in Katikara raised $500 among among themselves, and others in the USA contributed over $2,000 this month to replace the water pump and generator at our Water Store at the Katikara Trading Centre in Western Uganda.  Thank you, thank you all!
Here’s a short note from Br. Julius yesterday.  Photos to follow: 

Greetings and best regards to you. 
The Lord is good all the time.
Dr. Michael you're DIVINE.
I am over joyed with the divine message.  
Thank you for the love and support.
Shalom,  Br. Julius

Note:  Please know that Julius tries to flatter me when he calls me Dr. "Divine".  Even though my name---“Micha-El”--is a question that means "Who is like God?" ) I know I’m not!  Just sayin  :)

When the Water Store reopens this week, people will come from near and far to purchase guaranteed clean, fresh, water for 33 cents per jerrycan pumped from the water tank, filtration system and borehole we provided four years ago. Otherwise, they must walk a longer distance to pump water from a shallow well.

In the picture below, WHC volunteer Maxim Schrogin was there when the Water Store opened in 2015, and was the first one to purchase a jerrycan of clean water for 33 cents.  The Water Store has been closed for three months, but will re-open before  Christmas, thanks to the generous donors of WorldHope Corps. 

Please help us keep the water flowing. 
Give online: 

Dr. Michael Christensen
Executive Director,
WorldHope Corps, Inc.
3205 Carleton St.
San Diego, CA 92106

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Uganda Mission Update on Water Store

Friends of WorldHope Corps and Communities of Shalom: 

Here's an urgent update from our mission partner, Br. Julius in Katikara, at Trading Centre in Western Uganda.  We're trying to raise $2,300 this month to meet the need. Please help us if you can.

Greetings and best regards from Uganda:

We have ended the rainy season and now the dry period has started, December, January, February and early March we anticipate best performance of the water project in Katikara Trading Centre. There are only two boreholes and our Water Store serving a population of more than 6000.

However last week our pump broke down. We have tried to make repairs but in vain because it picked up a lot of sand and stones and thus it needs replacement at a cost of $2300.  Its been two weeks now without water in the trading centre. This is a very tricky situation to me and the entire population looks at our project as the only Savior.  

It’s so unfortunate that our pump has effectively served for only one year,  however the outcomes are much visible. The income generated has been able to help us make at least five more extensions that is about 1000 meters.

I can't say that we can save this situation here without external support now. On behalf of our the poverty stricken families of Katikara, I beg for support in order to buy a new pump.

According to a reliable supplier in Hoima town,
a pump costs - ($1400)
Armed water resistant cable – ($450)
Holding Rope – ($300)
Connectors and accessories - ($50)
Installation cost and transport – ($120)

All required expenses totaling to ($2,320)

The situation is extremely difficult to explain. Katikara trading centre has had no water supply for now two weeks, they are only waiting for our system to raise. Worse of all the children are for holidays and the dry season has started.

With many thanks in advance.

Julius Kasaija
Director, Hoima Communties of Shalom
CEO - SARS Uganda
P.O. Box 313 Hoima
Tel: +256 782 462 201

Friday, October 12, 2018

WorldHope Corps Project Update for 3rd Quarter 2018

As founder and chief executive officer of WorldHope Corps, I focus on fundraising, administration, and communications. As a volunteer corps of “believers without borders”, WorldHope Corps offers technical, relational and financial support as well as professional training, consultation and project development in Malawi, Uganda and the USA in a spirit of mutual exchange and “reverse mission”—which means we gain much more than we offer from those we seek to help as we work together for community transformation.   

What follows is an update for Malawi programs and project at the end of the third quarter of 2018:

WorldHope Corps Malawi Registered:  After ten years of functioning in Malawi as an international NGO, WHC Malawi was officially registered as a local NGO this year under the able leadership of Dennis Singini, Program Director and Country Representative.  Rev. John Culp, Dr. Doug Smith, Dr. Caroline Njuki, Michele Robbins, Rebecca Laird, and others visited Malawi over the last two years to offer relational support and technical assistance to Dennis and his new board.

 HIV/AIDS mitigation:  Congratulations are in order to Dennis Singini and his team for good work in HIV/AIDS education and mitigation over many years.  Last year WHC Malawi submitted a major proposal and received a $25K grant from United Methodist Global Ministries Abundant Health HIV/AIDS Fund to prevent mother-to-child transmission in Malawi!  This is WorldHope Corps' second HIV mitigation grant; the first being from United Methodist Global AIDS Fund for $20,000 in 2010 to implement a church-based community AIDS prevention and counseling program in Mzuzu, Malawi.

Dr. Doug Smith with HIV Training team in Mzuzu

The new program grant is being administered well by Dennis with assistance from Dr. Doug Smith, and already is bearing much fruit in terms of stigma reduction and community health. For example, in May, Dennis and this team organized a young adult leadership-training event for 22 participating —mothers and youth leaders—at our Hope House in Mzuzu.   Dr. Smith, Secretary of the Board, joined Dennis in Malawi to assist in training young mothers and youth in HIV/AIDS prevention, stigma reduction, health education and peer counseling.  These individuals returned to their respective communities to train others how to fight HIV and prevent mother-to-child transmission. “If we leave the youth behind, the nation is in peril,” says Pastor Dennis Singini, Program Director of WorldHope Corps Malawi.

Hope Scholarships:  Since 2008, WorldHope Corps has found scholarships to help boys and girls stay in Secondary School in Mzuzu.  We have sponsored over 40 youth at risk for dropping out by helping to pay their school fees. First through individual sponsors and later through rents collected from the Hope Scholarship House we built.  While our youth scholarship program continues this year, we do not have enough funds to support all hopeful applicants otherwise may have to drop out of school for lack of family finances (Its cost students approximately $250 per term for tuition, school uniform, books and supplies). The next school year begins in January, and we need sponsors for 4-6 more students to stay in school.

Hope Tailoring School was started ten years ago through Mzuzu UMC in partnership with WorldHope Corps.  When our team was there last Sept, it was in danger of closing. We were able to rescue it and include its support through undesignated funds through the end of 2018.  But now there are insufficient funds to continue our support of Hope Tailoring School without a new sponsor.  If interested, please contact Dr. Michael Christensen, Ex. Director of WorldHope Corps.

Village Wells:  Since 2008, WorldHope Corps has drilled 66 deep-water village wells in partnership with assessed communities in greatest need. We drilled Borehole #67 earlier this year in Malawi --in Kaunda Village near Njuyu-- sponsored by Clarissa Holland and her family!  And Borehole #68 currently is underway in Thukutu Village—thanks to an anonymous donor.

Thukutu Community Development Project: Two or so years ago we helped provide food aid and nutrition training in Thukutu.  Last year we distributed anti-malaria mosquito nets to poor and vulnerable families.  Last month the Open Door United Methodist Church in Richmond raised $1250 for a new roof for the village nursery school.  Currently, local resources are being mobilized to build a new and improved community latrine.  Before the end of the year, we will drill a new, long-awaited, and desperately needed village well in Thukutu—thanks to a generous sponsor.  This community development project will save many young lives at risk for water borne diseases, according to Pastor Dennis Singini: “Over 1200 people in Thukutu have been waiting and praying for clean water. I was there last Saturday when we were fixing the roof on the school, and I drank the only available water, which was not clear. I got sick, purged for a day, and it's the grace of God that I’m okay.  Mobilizing has begun for the new borehole, and its all coming together praise God!”

No More Malaria:  Our 2017-2018 Mosquito Net distribution project is complete. Over 1000 nets were purchased and distributed, and community training offered by Dennis and his team on this $10,000 project. Whether we can take on another round of needed mosquito net distribution during the wet and rainy season of 2019 will depend on the identification of a new sponsor.  If interested, please contact Dr. Michael Christensen, Ex. Director of WorldHope Corps.

Incubation/Micro Loans:  In previous years, we made a total of 4 small business loans to our ministry partners in Malawi and Uganda, including: $5,000 to build a house, $3,000 to start a poultry business, $4,000 to buy a farm truck, and $12,000 to install a water filtration project in a trading center.  This year, we are ready to make a several micro loans to individual and teams through WHC Malawi from our Social Business Incubation Loan Fund. So far, we have $5,000 in the Fund.  We invite others to contribute a gift build up this social entrepreneurial/social impact incubation fund.


Monday, January 01, 2018

It's a beautiful New Year’s Day

"It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
It's a beautiful day..."

Communities of Shalom Uganda graduation sponsored by WorldHope Corps 2016
Happy New Year to all my WorldHope Corps friends!

I hope you're not working on New Year's Day and that you will relax and have some fun!

I wanted to share this post of appreciation at the beginning of this new and beautiful day. 

Most of all, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you: your gifts and graces, love and support, long-time friendship, and good work in behalf of WorldHope Corps in 2017.

Just two months ago, the cupboards were bare; we had accounts payable and unfunded projects. You responded to the need, made donations and spread the word. Today, all our debts are paid, last year's projects paid for, and we're whole again!  And most (though not all) of our projects are funded for 2018!

Our Water Store in Uganda is back in business, pumping out clean, filtered water for over 5,000 people, and its funded for 2018.   We have another village well to drill in Malawi----#66!  The Shalom Farmers in Uganda are praying for a good harvest this Spring, free of draught and infestation. Our Mosquito Net distribution fund has $3,000 for more nets. And Dennis Singini's salary (as Program Director of WorldHope Corps Malawi) is secure for 2018!

We still need to raise more funds for Mosquito Nets ($7k), Hope Scholarships ($3k), Women's Empowerment/HIV/AIDS training in Malawi($6k); as well as a second round of community development training for Bethany Nursery School in Palestine ($3k).  And I believe we shall.

Here's the link to our Mission Giving Catalog for 2018 to review and share with others:
Take a look and see if there is another project that warms your heart that you might want to sponsor at some point in the New Year. 

And be sure to keep on singing....

Have a happy and blessed New Year, my friends!


P.S.  Please take a fresh look at my other blog posts in 2017 to see all the good we have done together this past year.  And be sure to subscribe to this blog for new post alerts.  

Dr. Michael J. Christensen, Director
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"Most of the people who have ever lived on this planet have been oppressed and poor.  
But their history was seldom written except in the Bible." --Richard Rohr

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