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Water Buckets for for washing hands Needed in Malawi

“Sadly, I do think most deaths will be in those countries (Africa, Asia and South America), and the most extreme economic pain..." -- Bill Gates on PBS News Hour, April 7, 2020
EASTER 2020: We’re all coping the best we can during this Easter season of hopeful-struggle in the face of the Global pandemic by the name of Covid-19.

“Brace yourselves,” I say to our international ministry partners,“ as new cases in their countries surface and testing begins.How to help them prepare, put basic provisions in place, and help the people stay healthy and safe.

COVID CARE KITS, our Easter campaign this year, urgently seeks cash donations to help our front-line ministry partners in Malawi, Uganda, and Palestine procure and distribute soap and sanitizers, face masks, and emergency food, in areas most at risk for the coronavirus which has already arrived. WorldHope Corps sponsors two Hope Tailoring Schools in Malawi and Uganda, and a child development center in Bethlehem—the city of Christ’s birth.…
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The Kendrick Well for Pentecost

"Papa's Well" is done! Before Christmas!

Isn't this amazing and gratifying? 

"Papa's Well"--the new well in Zebedia Village opened today! Children are celebrating clean water.

Pastor Dennis Singini did a great job of project management. "What a Christmas Gift to this community," Dennis reports. 

The final sponsor's plate is not yet a fixed to the pump, but an inscription was done by the Village Chief in the cement base after the well was drilled and a Goat as a gift given to the American sponsor who wants to remain anonymous.

Dennis was given a goat and received it on behalf of the Sponsor as a gesture of Appreciation for helping them.

And I love what the Village Chief had previously said to Dennis (below). 
"What good would come from Bethlehem? Village headman Zebedia asked me? We were forsaken and we were told that we are not worthy to have a borehole here, but today God has answered our prayer. People are coming and ask us what has happened that we can have clean water right here in our vil…