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Mandela--the Lion King of Qunu

After 10 days of global attention and national mourning of the death of the 95 year old anti-apartheid revolutionary and first Black President of South Africa, I am still in awe of this royal champion, this Lion-King of a man with mythic dimensions, magical powers, mystical depths of spirit, and feet of clay. I remember how his prophetic witness raised my global consciousness growing up in the 1970’s, and how supporting his call for divestment in the 1980’s added to the controversial issues that got me in trouble with my denomination.I remember where I was and who I was cheering with on February 11, 1990, when he was finally released from prison after 27 years (it was the same day I decided to leave the church of my birth and become a United Methodist).I want to remember and give thanks for Nelson Mandela and honor the Source of his Fire and Flame at Christmas time.

Today, December 15, 2014, the South African military handed over his remains to tribal leaders and family members for bur…

WorldHope Corps Shalom Mission Team to Visit Uganda in January

Dear Friends of Shalom and WorldHope Corps:

I plan to travel to Uganda in January to conduct Shalom Training with Pastor Moses and Brother Julius (both regional Shalom Trainers).  I will also visit St George Hope Health Centre in Hoima (Western Uganda) which WorldHope Corps supports.   As a friend or donor to WorldHope Corps, would you be interested in joining this mission/service project trip (Jan 5-17, 2014)?
So far, at least seven of us have decided to go, but there's still room for a few more.  
Departure day from SFO is Sunday, January 5.  Arriving in Kampala Monday afternoon, Jan. 6.  Returning to SFO on Fri/Sat Jan17/18.  
The primary purpose of the trip is to respond to requests to conduct Shalom Training in Jinja, Uganda (source of the Nile) and Hoima region (near Bwindi game park).  We will also visit shalom sites and WorldHope Corps projects, nurture international friendship, learn about sustainable community development in rural Uganda, and see some interesting sites i…

Dental Clinic for Haitians in Dominican Republic--Spring Project

Twelve New Wells in Malawi in 2012

WorldHope Corps, Inc. succeeded in drilling 12 new villages wells in 2012, including three for Church of the Resurrection in Leewood, KS; two for World Childrens Fund in San Jose, CA, one for Helen Ford in Ocean Grove, NJ; one for Pittman Presbyterian Church in NJ; and five for local sponsors in Malawi.

From 2007-2011, WorldHope Corps drilled a total of 18 wells in northern Malawi by hiring borehole drillers from the southern Malawi.  In April, 2012, we acquired our own well rig and equipment, hired our own crew, and learned how to drill wells ourselves.

By the end of 2012, we had drilled 12 new wells for a total of 30 wells since 2007!  Over 50,000 villages now can drink clean, fresh, safe water and not get sick from water borne diseases.  For this we praise God!

For 2013, we have 2 more boreholes to drill for United Methodist churches, sponsored by Church of the Resurrection.  And we are now accepting new sponsors of wells for this calendar year.

Please contact me if you are inte…

Holy Water Used to Dedicate New Sancturary

On Sunday we commemorated the Baptism of Jesus on the second Sunday of Epiphany. Rev. John Culp preached on water and remembering your baptism. I celebrated the blessings of being in a new sanctuary while reminding the congregation to not forget their beginnings and humble roots. Together, John and I along with Pastor Copeland Nkhata, dedicated the new sanctuary and community center in Mzuzu, accompanied by jubilant singing and dancing in the Spirit, as if the members were full of new wine. 
John sprinkled water on congregants from Reagan's Well--named after his granddaughter who at 5 1/2 survived cancer diagnosis--with the words "remember your baptism."  
We used the same village well water to sprinkle on the doorposts on the new Hope Scholarship House which we dedicated after the worship service.   We've awarded 45 Hope Scholarships since 2007!
Mzuzu Shalom Team met to plan next steps, including new chickens and a piglet project to raise funds to support orphan ca…