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Charlotte Communities of Shalom

Let’s raise another roof!

Yesterday, on the first day of Spring in Madison, New Jersey, it snowed! And today it was cold, but still beautiful flowers appeared in my backyard. Spring has sprung and soon the rains will come to both the USA and Africa.

I find it interesting that WorldHope Corps gets asked to help raise roofs in the rain in Africa!

The first such request came from Friends of Mzuzu Community Organization (FOMCO) when our mission team was there in March 2007, to help feed AIDS orphans during a rain storm. Once we saw and felt the water pouring into the small brick quarters where 200+ orphans were fed, our nine member team pooled our resources and donated $500 to fix the leaks on the roof of the orphan care center before the next rains came.

The second request came last spring, in May 2008, from the orphan care program we support, run by Mzuzu United Methodist Church. Just after returning home from my annual mission trip to Malawi, I got an urgent email from Pastor Copeland NKhata: “…robbers have s…

Uganda Health Clinic Profile

I want to share with you WorldHope Corps' most recent project in Africa: A new health clinic in Uganda, called St. George Hope Health Centre. The building is under construction, and we have made a $10,000 commitment to get the roof before the rains come. Please help us if you can. Here's the project profile compiled by Tom Dilts--the initial donor who brought this project to our attention:

WorldHope Corps Uganda Medical Clinic Project 2009

Mission Profile

Name of Organization: SARS
Sustainable Action for Rural Sector
Kibaale District
P.O Box 313, Hoima - Uganda
Telephone: +256 782 462 201, +256 392 949 257

Physical Address:
Igayaza Trading Centre
Kakindo Sub-county - Kibaale District.
Mid Western Uganda

Focus: On poverty eradication and sustainable development, education and health status enhancement in the rural areas of Kibaale district of Uganda. SARS Programs since 2007 include: (1) Education – sponsoring vulnerable children in school…

Shalom Coffee

This is a bag of Shalom Coffee, which embodies of values of Communities of Shalom:
It’s organic,
Grown on a collective farm
Not just organic but fair trade
The farmers and roasters receive a decent wage
Not just fair trade but interfaith
Jewish, Christian, Muslim growers
Not just interfaith but international
Dark roast, full-bodied, coffee from Uganda
Not just a cup, but a Just Cup
And it’s delicious Coffee
From Thanksgiving Coffee Company.
Plus one dollar that supports Communities of Shalom

Available on the road and from

Malawi Mission Trip 2009

Mission Trip to Malawi, Africa

Sponsored by: WorldHope Corps, Inc.

Led by: Dr. Michael J. Christensen, Director of the Shalom Initiative , Drew University; and Stacy Radmore, veteran mission team member

Hosted by: Staff of CitiHope Malawi and Pastor of Mzuzu United Methodist Church

DATES: May 20- June 1, 2009 (12 days)

Cost: $3,200 per person (including international travel, accommodations, meals, and in-country transport)

Travel Plan: Depart JFK on Wednesday, May 20, for Johannesburg to arrive in Lilongwe, Malawi, on May 21; Return on Sunday, May 31, and arrive JFK on Monday, June 1. A two-day extention in Johannesburg also is available.

Destination: Malawi, a small land-locked, developing country of 12 million people bordering Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique, is particularly vulnerable to famine and disease, and suffers from extreme poverty and AIDS. The May Mission Trip team will carry out its mission in and around Mzuzu City in Northern Malawi where WorldHope Corps supports a…