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Hope House Now Has Roof and Water Tank

Due to accelerating inflation in Malawi, cost of materials sky-rocketed. Our Hope Scholarship House now requires an additional $2500 to be completed.  Is anyone out there willing to contribute this amount, in whole or in part?  If so, please send your gift to WorldHope Corps, Inc., P.O. Box 295, Madison, NJ 07940.

Hope Scholarship House Nears Completion

Who can fail to appreciate that God has given us steady progress over the hope scholarship house when one ses this picture?

And here's the side elevation with one of the workers, and a smaller second house at the back.

Next week you will see the reserve water tank fixed 6metres high. But we need more money for the final touches such as ceiling, electricity.

Plumbing is almost done as the house has water already flowing and will be completed within 3weeks from now.

I thank God for using you to help us achieve this excellent dream.

I hope that as soon as we finish building the house, God will give us good tenants so we can begin the harvest for the school fees to sustain the Hope Scholarship Program.

We still need sponsors to complete this two-year project.

How can we make it so?

Hope Scholarship House Roof Raised this week

Behold the progress on the WorldHope Corps Scholarship House in Mzuzu, Malawi--a joint ministry  project with Mzuzu United Methodist Church to generate revenue for Hope Scholarships for well-deserving youth in Mzuzu. 

Hope Scholarship House Nears Completion

Once the Hope Scholarship House is completed in a few months, it will be rented in the community on the free market for a few hundred dollars a month.  This on-going revenue is dedicated for the charitable use of WorldHope Corps to fund the Hope Scholarships Program started in 2008 to keep youth in Secondary School by paying some of their fees and expenses so that they can succeed in life and vocation.   
So far, WorldHope Corps has put 34 young men and women through Secondary Schools in preparation for College since 2008.  
We are so thankful to Sarah Harrington, Stacy Radmore, Elaine Sheetz, and other regular WorldHope Corps supporters for their on-going sponsorship of the Hope Scholarship Program over the years.  
We are also grateful to Helen Ford and World Childrens Fund for underwriting the costs to build the Hope Scholarship House in Mzuzu, Malawi in 2011.
Stay tune for the grand opening in 2012.