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Gabriel Salguero at Drew this week

What's a self-described Latino-Evangelical-Pentecostal-Progressive Preacher doing at Drew Theological School this week?

Preaching, Prophesying, Teaching and Discussing the "Rise of Latino-Evangelical-Pentecostal-Progressive Christianity in America" focused on shalom and social justice for the common good.

Gabriel, and his wife, Jeanette, are co-pastors of the Lamb's Church of the Nazarene (where I once served as associate pastor and still claim my charter membership). 

The original Lambs Church building is now a boutique hotel and restaurant in Times Square, but the church remnant relocated to lower Manhattan and became a vital multicultural, multilingual, multinational community of faith focused on what it means to love God, self and neighbor as a "global Christian." 

Rev. Salguero, in addition to serving as pastor of the Lamb's Church, is an internationally noted pastor in the Evangelical tradition.  He is Director of the Hispanic Leadership Program at …

Jon Stewart for President

Of course I was there on the Mall  for the big Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Keep Fear Alive in Washington DC on October 30.  Where else would I be?   And my family was with me, along with my daughter's best friend and her family. Instead of catching the Huffington Post bus from New York, or flying on Ophrah Express, we drove down together in a van from New Jersey and stayed two nights on the metro line for easy access to the city.

Although there was a long line at the metro station to board a train, we managed to squeeze in and get to the Mall in time to stake out a spot to stand for the three hour Rally and live comedy show with over 200,000 other members of the Great Silent Majority there for the Million Moderate March calling on all Americans to "bring it down a notch"  in favor of civility and the common good.  The divisive rhetoric in the country was just too much to bear alone, so we came together to laugh and sing.

 There was lots of moderate signs and banners, l…