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New Drew DMIN Cohort forming in San Francisco--focused on Shalom

I'm pleased to share with you that Drew University is offering a new Doctor of Ministry program focused on Congregational Growth and Community Development: Theology and Practice of Shalom. A new cohort is forming in San Francisco at Glide UMC beginning in the Fall 2011.  Take a look: Drew DMIN in SFSan Francisco Regional GroupIs a Drew University DMIN in your future?
Drew’s San Francisco Area Doctor of Ministry Regional Concentration Congregational Growth and Community Development Concentration: Theology and Practice of Shalom
This concentration has been carefully designed to assist pastors in renewing the spirit of God in communities and congregations through a theologically-informed praxis for congregational growth and community development with integrity. The focus will be on: strengthening relationships among neighbors, improving community health care and coordination of services, developing the prosperity and economies of communities, fostering a grounded theology in bib…

Marks of a New Monasticism

Hosting Shane Claiborne at Drew this week was our second in a series of Prophetic Leaders on Campus, and the third year of our Prophetic Leaders in Residence program made possible by a grant from the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund and presented by Communities of Shalom.

The purpose of the 3-year grant from Jessie Ball DuPont is to send Drew into world and bring the world to Drew.  Which we do by sending students out to Shalom Zones and prophetic ministry sites during the summer; and bringing prophetic leaders to campus during the year. Shane Claiborne is a Christian Activist, Global Peacemaker, popular writer and speaker, and Urban Monk (well, I’m not exactly sure about the urban monk identity given that Shane is now engaged)…but in neo-monasticism, you don’t have to remain single, nor do you have to be married to be a whole person, called and chosen as the beloved of God.
I first met Shane 10 years ago at Lake Junaluska in North Caroli…

Jesus for President

Shane Claiborne at Drew

Shane Claiborne at Drew Tuesday Feb. 22, 2011
Shane Claiborne--Christian Activist, Urban Peacemaker, Founding member of The Simple Way and author of “The Irresistible Revolution” and “Jesus for President” to Speak at Drew University for
CHAPEL SERVICE  “Living as Ordinary Radicals” with Litany of  Resistance Tuesday, Feb 22, 11:15 a.m. – Noon Craig Chapel

LUNCH BOOK DISCUSSION   on “Jesus for President”  12 - 1:15 p.m. Seminary Hall Atrium
SHALOM RECEPTION for students, faculty and friends 6:30 - 7 p.m. Seminary Hall Atrium
Prophetic Leadership EVENING LECTURE   “Resurrecting Church: Marks of a New Monasticism” with a Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals 7:15 – 9:00 p.m. Craig Chapel
Prophetic Leaders in Residence at Drew
To Register for the Lunchtime Book Discussion, email before Feb. 18.  All are welcome for Chapel and Evening Lecture For more information contact or Renee at
Presented by Prophetic Leaders-in-Residence Program Sponsored by Communities of…

State of Shalom 2010

State of Shalom:  A Three Year Summary of Shalom at Drew By Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D., National Director, Communities of Shalom, Drew University
December 31, 2010, marked the completion of three full years of having the National Shalom Resource Center at Drew Theological School.  For each of these three years, the focus of the Shalom Initiative has been on the following priorities and activities:
2008Consolidating the movement, visiting sites, creating a database of sites and coordinators, offering technical and relational support, raising the profile of Communities of Shalom (Cof S) through UMC Annual Conferences, special events and at interfaith settings; strategic planning for the future of Shalom (Five-Year Plan 2012); and launching a Shalom Summer Internship program and a “Prophetic Leaders in Residence” program at Drew to “bring the world to Drew and send Drew into the world.”
2009Promoting Shalom Sites (locally, nation…

New Jersey-based group digs wells to fight disease and malnutrition in Malawi

WorldHope Corps has facilitated and installed a total of 12 village wells in Malawi since 2007 (3 in 2010).  Currently, we have five sponsors lined up for the next five deep water wells for 2011.   Only 3 more to go before reaching our goal and promise to install 20 wells in northern Malawi in villages that do not have a clean water source.

Here's an article that describes our Village Well program:
New Jersey-based group digs wells to fight disease and malnutrition in Malawi

Please contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a new well or contributing to the WorldHope Corps Village Well Fund.  

Michael Christensen, Founder and CEO
WorldHope Corps, Inc.