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Martha, Toni, Norman and Dennis Visit Orphan Care Centers and Villages in need of Wells

Coordinated by Dennis Singini, WorldHope Corps staff and volunteers--Dennis Kelvin Zulu, Martha Cavazos, Norman and Antonio Kroger--visited two orphan care centers and several rural villages in northern Malawi in October/November to assess community needs and provisions. 

Kelvin Zulu is Program Assistant for WorldHope Malawi.He also is a gifted and committed teacher who for the past 10 years has instructed children without parents at FOMCO--an orphan care and feeding station in Mzuzu historically supported by WorldHope Corps. Due to lack of designated funds, we are not able to provide enough food and medical assistance to this worthy project.

Norman and Antonio Kroger
 (friends of WorldHope Corps  since Toni was a High School Exchange student from Germany in the Laird-Christensen household), visited the orphan care center,  witnessed the hardships first hand, and generously supplied school supplies for more effective learning. 

Martha Cavazos,
an American volunteer, (who had first come to…

WorldHope Malawi Ready to Rock and Roll

Dennis Singini's "American Adventure" 7-week tour has concluded and he has returned to Malawi to ramp up and rock and roll as Program Director of WorldHope Corps Malawi.

On behalf of the board of directors, I want to thank Josie Dittrich (Dennis' USA Tour sponsor) and WorldHope Corps' many friends, followers and supporters who met, hosted or prayed for Dennis during his 7-week, 12-city USA tour; and who helped him with friend-raising, fund-raising and educational opportunities. Together, we succeeded in equipping Dennis for a new level of responsibility and in raising his program budget for Malawi. 

All totaled, we raised over $50,000 in gifts-in-kind, cash donations, and pledges during Dennis's tour! This is a tremendous provision that lets us procure and distribute 700+ Mosquito Nets for "No More Malaria", do free eye exams and issue 1000+ prescription Eye-glasses, sponsor an HIV/AIDS Shalom training event, and start a new village well monitoring a…

Dennis Singini's "American Adventure" Tour Concludes in Georgia

Zech 4:6 "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.'"
By Josie Dittrich, Tour Sponsor

I'm sure that everyone who hosted or met Dennis experienced the same thing I did: a one-on-one of the living Gospel. The Spirit of God within Dennis manifesting the Christ-like compassion, wisdom, insight and overwhelming love for mankind. 
After months of planning and looking forward to Dennis being in the U.S., his two-month, seven state, ten city "American Adventure" has come and gone. Once it started, it sure went fast! Thanks to each of you for your friendship and support in helping to supply and fortify Dennis with his many continuing efforts in Malawi through WorldHope Corps, Communities of Shalom, Lions Club Golden Isles, Talitha Kum/Wezi House of Grace and of course, preaching. The results will be continuing in marvelous ways none of us can conceive at this time.
While Dennis was in St. Simons Island, GA., he spoke to the Lions Club…

Pastor Dennis Experiences Southern Hospitality in Columbia, SC

Report Summary submitted by Rev. John Culp, host and shalom friend of WorldHope Corps

Dennis arrived in Columbia, S.C. just in time to go to a USC football game. This was an Experience. He saw 85,000 fans yelling and hysteria in a stadium larger than anything in Malawi. The football game was a new experience and tailgating too. Just the expensive trucks and cars showed how wealthy the US is in relation to the rest of the world. He caught a football when the field goal kicker was practicing. 

Dennis also was able to see old friends who visited Mzuzu four years ago and they are planning another mission trip in June.  

Dennis spoke to three churches and several children groups on Sunday. 

We shared with him the history of slavery in SC. by visiting a memorial and the museum of SC.  Mzuzu uses the same hoe and tools today that we used here during plantation days . These villages in Malawi are 100 years behind us.  

A very special and Holy moment was when Dennis met our granddaughter, Regan, wh…

Dennis's Preliminary Report on activities and outcomes in California

What follows is a mission update for hosts and sponsors of Dennis Singini on his USA educational and fund raising tour
After visiting friends in Northern New Jersey, Greensboro, North Carolina,and  sharing his passion for drilling deep wells to provide clean water in Malawi, Dennis Singini caught a longer than expected flight from Charlotte to San Diego for the next leg of his 7-week American Adventure.  
In San Diego, Dennis shared with three groups about how he through WorldHope Corps has personally drilled or facilitated the drilling over 50 boreholes or village wells since 2006 in Malawi. When a Sunday School class at San Diego First Church of the Nazarene heard how he travels by bicycle to preach at the 12 churches he planted, and by public transportation to rural villages to mobilize for well-drilling, members took up a collection of almost $3,000 for the purchase of a motorcycle to use in his ministry.  All totaled, friends he met at First Church pledged over $24,000 toward the wo…

Dennis Singini Arrives in Greensboro, NC & Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA

Summary Report from Dennis Singini's Hosts in New Jersey

Dear Friends,  It is with great joy and thanksgiving that we send our good friend and brother Dennis Singini on to North Carolina. His time with us here in New Jersey has been devoted to assisting him in starting his new role as the Malawi Director for WorldHope Corps by introducing him to other believers who are already involved in mission work in Malawi and by creating opportunities for him to present his vision and to shape his message. We facilitated meetings between Dennis and two faith-based groups and are confident that we have laid the groundwork for future assistance and cooperation. We saw Dennis making personal connections and even watched as he made plans to meet with some our friends, now his friends too, when they are in Lilongwe in September.  We never know what God has planned, but we are filled with joy over the warm reception people here showed Dennis and with hope that a great future for Dennis and the people of Malawi has been forged here in New Jersey.  With blessing…

Dennis Singini Arrives in New York to begin his USA Tour

Dennis Singini arrived at JFK this week to begin his USA Tour with WorldHope Corps, hosted for the first day by Dr. Caroline Njuki, board member of WorldHope Corps, Inc.

"We had our briefing and Dennis shared stories about his work," Caroline posted. "I shared with him donor trends and fund-raising tips, and will help him all I can."  

"It was worthy time spending and touring New York city," Dennis replied.  "It made me realise I am really IN the USA. Many thanks to Dr. Caroline!  Am now back from a music festival with [WorldHope Corps volunteer] Stacy Radmore.  It was wonderful to enjoy the music, tasting different foods and meeting other friends. Thanks to Stacy for taking me there. I appreciate all her generosity."

Dennis posted on his FB page many great and fun pics of his tour of the "Big Apple" and Northern NJ.  "It was great to host Dennis," said Caroline "We got a lot done including his update on the work being don…

Pastor Dennis Singini USA Tour for WorldHope Malawi

August 1, 2016
Dear Friends of WorldHope Corps:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Dennis Singini as Country Representative and Program Director, WorldHope Malawi!
For ten years, since 2006, I’ve been a ‘Man on a Mission to Malawi’ to help AIDS orphans, provide Hope Scholarships, and drill village wells in Malawi.This year, rather than returning to Malawi, I’ll help a ‘Man on a Mission from Malawi’ raise funds for WorldHope Malawi—our partner organization he now leads.  Pastor Dennis Singini served for 6 years as Program Director for CitiHope International’s USAID Food for Peace/Malawi program, and for several years as an Assistant Protocol Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malawi.As CR for WHC, Dennis will continue as pastor of Rumphi Bible Believers’ Church and oversee other rural congregations in Northern Malawi.  I have known Dennis since 2006, we have worked together on many projects, and he is a man after God's own heart.
To inaugurate Dennis’s …