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WorldHope Corps Project Update for 3rd Quarter 2018

As founder and chief executive officer of WorldHope Corps, I focus on fundraising, administration, and communications. As a volunteer corps of “believers without borders”, WorldHope Corps offers technical, relational and financial support as well as professional training, consultation and project development in Malawi, Uganda and the USA in a spirit of mutual exchange and “reverse mission”—which means we gain much more than we offer from those we seek to help as we work together for community transformation.

What follows is an update for Malawi programs and project at the end of the third quarter of 2018:
WorldHope Corps Malawi Registered:After ten years of functioning in Malawi as an international NGO, WHC Malawi was officially registered as a local NGO this year under the able leadership of Dennis Singini, Program Director and Country Representative.Rev. John Culp, Dr. Doug Smith, Dr. Caroline Njuki, Michele Robbins, Rebecca Laird, and others visited Malawi over the last two years to …