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Teddy Kennedy and Shalom

Sir Edward M. Kennedy died this morning, apparently in peace.

Ritualistically flipping through the news channels this morning to see how the event played out, and hearing the various remembrances from those who knew and worked with him in the Senate for a half century, I recalled my own experience of hearing him speak in person, and got in touch with why I think he is a prophetic leader who followed the injunction of Jeremiah to "seek the peace of the city..." 

I didn’t grow up liking the Kennedy Family. Raised in a Republican household, evangelical church and conservative community in Southern California, I learned to be suspicious of Roman Catholics, especially one that was running for President of the United States. 'What if the Pope, who speaks infallibly, were to instruct JFK on what to do and how to run the country?' I was taught to ask. 'Would he be his own man?' Some in my church even thought that President Kennedy might be the Anti-Christ, es…