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Twelve New Wells in Malawi in 2012

WorldHope Corps, Inc. succeeded in drilling 12 new villages wells in 2012, including three for Church of the Resurrection in Leewood, KS; two for World Childrens Fund in San Jose, CA, one for Helen Ford in Ocean Grove, NJ; one for Pittman Presbyterian Church in NJ; and five for local sponsors in Malawi.

From 2007-2011, WorldHope Corps drilled a total of 18 wells in northern Malawi by hiring borehole drillers from the southern Malawi.  In April, 2012, we acquired our own well rig and equipment, hired our own crew, and learned how to drill wells ourselves.

By the end of 2012, we had drilled 12 new wells for a total of 30 wells since 2007!  Over 50,000 villages now can drink clean, fresh, safe water and not get sick from water borne diseases.  For this we praise God!

For 2013, we have 2 more boreholes to drill for United Methodist churches, sponsored by Church of the Resurrection.  And we are now accepting new sponsors of wells for this calendar year.

Please contact me if you are inte…