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Pastor Dennis Singini USA Tour for WorldHope Malawi

August 1, 2016
Dear Friends of WorldHope Corps:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Dennis Singini as Country Representative and Program Director, WorldHope Malawi!
For ten years, since 2006, I’ve been a ‘Man on a Mission to Malawi’ to help AIDS orphans, provide Hope Scholarships, and drill village wells in Malawi.This year, rather than returning to Malawi, I’ll help a ‘Man on a Mission from Malawi’ raise funds for WorldHope Malawi—our partner organization he now leads.  Pastor Dennis Singini served for 6 years as Program Director for CitiHope International’s USAID Food for Peace/Malawi program, and for several years as an Assistant Protocol Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malawi.As CR for WHC, Dennis will continue as pastor of Rumphi Bible Believers’ Church and oversee other rural congregations in Northern Malawi.  I have known Dennis since 2006, we have worked together on many projects, and he is a man after God's own heart.
To inaugurate Dennis’s …

WorldHope Corps/SARS Water Project Progress Report for Second Quarter 2016

Sustainable Action Rural Sector (SARS) Progress Report for June 2016 by Julius Kasaija

Dear Dr. Micheal,

Greetings and best regards to you. I will first of all apologize for slow communication this year. I have had problems with my health,  I have been down suffering from malaria for a second time in only two months, this has rendered me ineffective as far as field work and office is concerned; however our thin staff has been so reliable and effective thus moving SARS projects forward. Kindly find our report attached. SARS KATIKARA WATER PROJECT STATUS REPORT

SARS/WHC Katikara water project, our much treasured gold mine, has now grown to four months since inception in February 2016. The project we have all positively sponsored has reached a stage where local people are benefiting from the water project which has positive effects to the community.  Today we can ably report that the water store is providing clean and safe water to the community is being served.

Project Financial Performance …

Update on new Ladderloo Project in Western Uganda

Here's an Project Update from Julius Kasaija  on new LadderlooProject  (latrine recycling demonstration) in Hoima District, Western Uganda.  This community sanitation and hygiene project, sponsored by Engineering for Hope, complements WorldHope Corps Water Purification System and Water Store in the region.--mjc

Dear Partners,
Greetings and best regards to you.
It is quite some time since I last communicate to you about the Ladderloo imitative. I will first appreciate the new venture and its complications of making it effective in the new communities. We successfully installed eleven toilets however only five are being used properly and effectively, the other families used them for a while and they abandoned them not because of their problems but poor attitude to change. We have since been monitoring the real users. They are satisfied and these are the homes that we will give a backing to our new deal with government officials.

Hoima District has a cholera out break especially along th…