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Results of Pulpit Freedom Sunday

A total of 539 pastors preached prophetically and politically across America on Pulpit Freedom Sunday, October 2.  This represents a 539% growth over 2010, growing from 33 (2008) to 84 (2009) to 100 (2010) to 539 (2011) pastors.

These 539 pastors / churches represented:
Forty-seven of the 50 states – along with Puerto Rico.Approximately 50 denominations and associations plus non-denominational and independent churches.Sermons in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, and other languages.From small congregations to those of approximately 20,000.
Personally, I gave a lecture for Drew University at Glide United Methodist Church on "The Politics of Shalom" for Pulpit Freedom Day (which I'll share in a future blog post).
According to Dr. Jim Garlow, organizer of Pulpit Freedom, the demonstration exceeded expectations:  
"Pastors were prepared for some parishioners to be upset.  But we were not prepared for what happened.  Across America, congregations erupted in applause –…

Pulpit Freedom Sunday