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Year End Appeal

Friends of Mzuzu:

This is a simple, straight-forward, no-fluff, and no apologies appeal for funds to help save the lives of 100 orphaned and vulnerable children in Mzuzu, Malawi, in 2010. 

We are suggesting an individual donation of $100 or an organizational contribution of $500 or more at this time. Your response within the next few days, as well as what you may have already given to date in 2009, will determine what we budget for this new year. 

Please read the posts below for descriptions and updates on WorldHope Corps three core programs in Malawi:

HOPE HOMES for 60 children


HOPE TAILORING Training for 12 women

Plus our Community Development Projects:   20 Village Wells in rural northern Malawi 

You can view a new video clip on WorldHope Corps at this link:

Charitable donations can be made online at our website:

Or a check can be sent directly 
WorldHope Corps, Inc.

11 Ardsleigh Drive
Madison, N…

Hope Homes Report 2009

Mike Bond of Basking Ridge, NJ. showing Hope Home children in Mzuzu their imags during WorldHope Corps Mission Trip to Malawi in May 2009.

Hope Home Report

We are now caring for over 100 OVC even though only 60 children are registered in the program.  Food provisions were spread over the months since you had graciously warned me to prepare for a hard dry patch.  We, however, made efforts to raise an addtional $158 to suppliment your efforts among us, and we still were able to have three church picnics.

The goal of Hope Hope Program is to help Orphan and Vulnerable Children and Youth survive and realize at least 5 hopes of every child for:


Hope Home Children receive new clothes made by women 
enrolled in Hope Tailoring School which started this year.

Hope Scholarship Report:

All our children and youth year for aid toward school fees, though it will not be easy for us to provide for everyone at once.  We hope to continue supporting 19 students next…

Three New Village Wells Completed in 2009

Three New Village Wells Completed in 2009

Summary:Three new village wells were installed in 2009 for a total of ten deep water wells in Malawi since 2007.  These were funded and facilitated by WorldHope Corps in collaboration with Central Church of Africa, Presbyterian, United Methodist Church Mzuzu Circuit, and CitiHope International. Two additional wells have been sponsored for installation in Spring 2010. The next WorldHope Corps assessment trip is scheduled for July 2010 to monitor all sponsored wells and implement a maintenance program for sustainability.  Village wells now in operation and in need of maintenance are listed as follows:

1.Zowe (3 hours outside of Mzuzu) is a remote preaching point of the Mzuzu United Methodist
Church Circuit, requested by Pastor Copeland Nkhata, senior pastor. Number of users: 1,000.  Project sponsored and funded by Mike Rose, Barry Emen and Chris Grant in July, 2007.  Additionally, one broken down well near Zowe was repaired and restored to full op…

Well Worth the Wait

Photo of Well at Zowe village by Robert Schwaneberg

 Here's what one newspaper reporter had to say about WorldHope Corps village well project in Malawi:

 Photo of Well at Kanyama village by Robert Schwaneberg

Orphanages Help but the Answer

A few of the 60+ HopeHome Program recipients of food aid and educational scholarships sponored by WorldHopeCorps.    Program operated by Mzuzu United Methodist Church and Mzuzu ShalomZone.

As African Orphanages Spread,
Advocates Propose a Better Way the front page of yesterday’s the New York Times, the headline read. The article made a comparison between institutional orphanages, like the one where Madonna adopted a boy, and the extended family approach to orphan care, like the Mzuzu HopeHome orphan care project in Malawi. Researchers reviewing hundreds of studies concluded that “orphanages are not the best solution but are needed when families could not or would not care for children.”  Strongly endorsed were community centers that provide cash and food aid to the poorest families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children who are not their own.  See the online version of the article here:

INTERNATIONAL / AFRICA| December 06, 2009
Aid for Relatives Offers Alternative to African Orpha…