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From the Source of the Nile--by Dennis Singini

Uganda Mission Report  by Dennis Singini

It was a vision unfolding with my ”Paul” (my missionary partner Michael Christensen) and my "Moses" (our host and community leader in Uganda). I was excited to see and learn all I could from Communities of Shalom trainings there as compared to the Mzuzu Shalom trainings conducted a week before in Malawi. When we arrived in Uganda, Pastor Baamu Moses welcomed us at Entebbe International airport with love and kind heart. I was very grateful for his generosity.  We spent a night in Kampala, the capital city, before driving to Jinja, at the Source of the Nile the following morning. Communities of Shalom Trainings Every training session was exciting and brought new lessons for community development, a better life and healthier living.  As presentations and discussion went on each day, it was like seals being broken on our eyes, and we were able to read and see what we could not see before. All 118 participants were so inquisitive to hearing w…

A thank you letter from Dennis to all his sponsors

Dear friends of WorldHope Corps:
Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls, for its Not what we give, But what we share, for the gift without the giver Is bare. 
Thank you for sharing what you had in your hand with me to join Dr. Michael Christensen on a mission trip to Eastern Uganda in June. Indeed God has done me great, I never dreamed of such a thing, but it’s because of your kindness and generosity to contribute what you were led by the spirit of God.

I came back a different Dennis.  There are many lessons I learned and am trusting by God's grace that time will reveal all I saw and did. It was a turning point for me about how I think about things, and how "my territory has been enlarged indeed." Thanks to Dr. Christensen and Josie and all my sponsors.

As a preacher of the gospel I believe that Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone, but saying it henceforth I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks again! 

I …