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Anti-malaria Mosquito Nets Distributed in Malawi to Families in Need

WorldHope Corps Malawi completed its assigned distribution of 1000 anti-malaria mosquito nets this month to 11 villages, 6 Community Based Organizations (CBO) and one prison in northern Malawi—thanks to the generosity of sponsors in Berkeley and at Holman UMC in Los Angeles.  
So many parents and guardians are happy and thankful for the ‘household to household’ gifts of high-quality, safe, insect repellant, mosquito nets purchased in behalf of sponsors in the USA.  
Due to heavy rains and unpaved, impassable roads to the targeted villages, our scheduled distributions in April were delayed until May when they were all distributed. Other obstacles encountered which had to overcome included tight schedules of our partners from the Ministry of Health and their Health Surveillance Assistants.  
Together, we were finally able to distribute nets to families and demonstrate how to care, hang and sleep under them (since 70% of the people sleep on mats and not beds).