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New Project in Palestine--Our Team is on the ground this week

In response to the invitation from St Joseph Center (Dominican Sisters Nursery) in Bethlehem to visit their ministry and help set up a coalition and community development training event for Muslims, Christians and Jews in Palestine,  WorldHope responded:  first by sending a $2,000 gift last year to benefit the Nursery and Bethlehem Bible School; and then this year by sending a service team to help lay the groundwork for a Shalom/Salaam community training event in 2018. Here's is our board member, Doug Smith's photos and initial report from Bethlehem:  


The nursery school at St. Joseph’s Center is filled with love. The children are happy and learning in a clean and healthy environment. The Center administrator, Sister Ellen, has six teachers who are devoted to the children. We enjoyed joining in the activities, first in each of the age-sorted classrooms and then in the new covered indoor-outdoor playground, which was partially funded by Epworth…


PRGRAM DIRECTOR DENNIS SINGINI REPORTS SUCCESS OF SHALOM TRAINING IN ASSET BASED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN MZUZU (AND HOPES TO GRADUATE AT LEAST 40 PARTICIPANTS IN OCTOBER, 2017): üCommunities of Shalom training resumed on 9th January 2017 with 41 participants, representing:  ü Doroba at Kachere shalom Zone and Kachere Shalom Zone, which  runs an Orphan Care Centre.  The group has a registration of 60 orphans and they have a land where they are cultivating corn. üWorldHope Malawi donated 10kg Maize seeds and 4 bags of Fertilizers to help in addressing the challenge of food shortage at the Centre which has been there for a long period of time until some kids dropped because of hunger. üIt is expected that the 41 participants will be trained till July end and graduate in October. üThis training program currently does not have a sponsor, and thus is in need of basic training materials and supplies, including: flip charts, makers, communication, transportation and refreshments.  -->