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WorldHope Malawi Opens New Office in Mzuzu

üProgram Director, Dennis Singini, announced today that World Hope Corps Malawi finally found and rented an office room at K60,000 ($ 83) per month which includes room, water, electricity and security.  üThe office is located in Mzuzu in Gwamba Building behind Kawiruwiru house. üThe office has been furnished and the only problem at hand is internet.   üIf funds permit, there is a possibility of fixing sky band internet at the office it as soon as possible. ü Board members appreciated the efforts made by the Program Director to locate the office room, because this will show seriousness [and credibility] to our local partners who always ask where WHC Mw offices are located. Submitted by Dennis Singini -->

Mosquito Net Distribution photos from January 31, 2017

WorldHope Corp's first Anti-Malaria Mosquito Net distribution was completed on January 31, 2017.  

Our first distribution was conducted at Mzuzu prison targeting women prisoners with children. 80 nets were distributed to Mzuzu prison. The Mzimba District Health Office appreciated for the donation because they overlooked women with children in the prisons hence WHC Mw approach to help them cannot be given a blind eye but to appreciate the initiative taken.

Descriptions for captions: 

The DHO representative during the exercise explained the need to care and the need to use the nets. Mobilized and Ready for Distribution Mrs Kaluwa, Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA), demonstrating how to hung a mosquito net, care and sleep under the Mosquito net.

Mphatso (meaning Gift in English) under 5 years old baby boy getting under the mosquito net ready to practice how to sleep under the net.
Women prisoners who have children in the hostels practicing hanging the mosquito net

Malawi Mission Update on MOSQUITO NETS Distribution

Its the rainy season in northern Malawi, and WorldHope Corps stands ready to distribute at least 1000 mosquito nets in 12 rural villages and one city prison--by request and coordination with the government's District Health Department.    A total of $10,000 is needed to purchase and distribute 1000 Mosquito Nets in rural villages and prisons in Malaria that were left out in previous “Nothing But Nets” distributions in Malawi.  So far, $8500 has been contributed to WorldHope Corps for this mission, leaving just $1,500 still needed in order to mobilize for a January distribution. Donations of any amount will help! Dennis Singini, Program Director for WorldHope Malawi, submitted this mission update last week in preparation for project mobilization: “Since I returned from the USA tour, our team has visited 22 villages across Mzuzu and outside Mzuzu City to assess the need for mosquito nets.After meeting with the District Health Officer (DHO) in the government office, we agreed to focus o…

Anti-Malaria Net Distribution Begins

During the last three months of 2017, Dennis and Singini and this WorldHope Malawi team visited 109 villages in Northern Malawi, including: Doroba, Mzimba, Rumphi, Mzuzu and Nkhata bay. During these visits, village chiefs welcomed our team and promised to work with us for the good of their suffering communities. When asked about the major challenges they faced, these were their major concerns:     Early Marriages among girls due to poverty   Malaria still killing a lot of pregnant women, children and elderly people   Access to Clean water   Nutritional challenges, especially among children under 5.     HIV/AIDS health issues related to malnutrition, stigma, and discrimination 
Our WorldHope team conducted "sensitization meetings" with village chiefs and their advisers to prepare them for some of our training programs and interventions, including:     Communities of Shalom training in Asset Based Community Development   PACCT training for HIV/AIDS mitigation through church gro…