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Update on Hope Scholarship House Malawi

From Rev. Copeland Nkhata, Mzuzu, Malawi:

Rev Michael,
This is the first team to benefit from revenue of the Hope Scholarship House built by WorldHope Corps and Mzuzu UMC.  
And it’s a great celebration that the house has now began to bear its desired fruit---school fees for our boys and girls for higher education. 

The picture above depict three boys and two girls in an accounting class at the UMC HOPE SCHOLARSHIP CENTRE MZUZU.
The boys are: 1.Ganizan Nkhambule 2.Jonathan Nzimah 3.Joshua Walin-ase Nkhata
The girls are: 4.Alice Mkandawire 5.Eness Makamo
Please join me in this holy jubilee. I am proud of the awesome works of God and your untiring support in this regard.
The house now generates MWK 210 000.00 per quarter of a year [approx  $500], and that is what we paid for exam fees for five students to write exams with the Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Malawi for the December 2014 diet. (But we had to raise an extra amount for their registration.)
Pray that the vision grows so that we …