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HopeHome Report for October

It's the end of the month and the HopeHome in Mzuzu, which cares for 86 orphaned and abandoned children, is down to $11.31 in their bank account. We need to send another $1000 next week to meet November's budgeted expense for food, blankets and school fees.

Here is Pastor Copeland's report for October:



The Hope Homes and Hope scholarship account received MK139 000.00 (US$985) in September from WorldHope Corps and the subsequent is our expenditure breakdown.

INCOME Received 139 000.00 OCT.



Blankets 95 000.00
Internet 2 905.00
Transport 6 200.00
Food 25 000.00
Text Books 1 900.00
Admin Costs 6 400.00
Balance c/d 1 595.00

TOTAL 139 000.00 (US$

NOTE: This leaves us with a balance of MK 1595.00 (US$11.31)

Our joy and appreciation for the succour that you accord us is unfathomable and we commend you to the Lord Jesu…

Newark Interfaith Coalition Promotes Peace in Newark

Newark, NJ: It happened again this week. Two people were killed and four wounded in a drive-by shooting on Friday afternoon, October 24, near public schools in Newark-- New Jersey’s largest city. According to police reports, at least 3 people in an SUV drove around the city firing randomly at pedestrians, including a 20-year-old male and 24-year-old female who died. A ninth grade girl and a 16-year old boy, along two others, were also shot, but survived. This was the latest incident in a series of violent crimes over the past few years in a city known for gang violence and systemic poverty.

Eighty-three people were murdered in 2007 and 52 so far this year, according to a New York Times article published on Saturday, October 24. What the news media did not report were on-the-ground reports of unwarranted police actions in a neighborhood conflict the aftermath of the shootings. According to David Kerr, President of Integrity House, “there was a group of street people and minister…

Two hundred dollars goes a long way

Pictured above is Pastor Copeland Nkhata and orphaned children with HIV/AIDS who needed food and medicine this month in Malawi.

Their need was met by Stacy Radmore (pictured below in a remote village without fresh water)

Stacy is one of several contributors to our orphan care project in Mzuzu, Malawi. She was tempted to spend her money for new LL Bean ski jacket that costs $199. Instead, she sent $200 to WorldHope Corps to help 12 children in dire need of food and medicine in time of AIDS and a global recession.

I just received this email update from our partner Copeland Nkhata, pastor of the United Methodist Church in Mzuzu, who with his congregation cares for over 60 orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children in the neighborhood.

--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 12:06:02 +0000
Subject: Re: from copeland

Dear Brother Mike,


I thus report that the US$200.00 from Stacy was used in the following way:


The Road to Mzuzu

Most women(but not men)in Malawi have to walk several miles to collect clean water from the nearest well, or make due with water puddles and streams nearby. They carry heavy containers on their heads back to their own village which lacks potable water from a fresh, reliable source. This is why 1 our of 5 children die before the age of 5 from preventable, waterborne diseases. Contaminated water typically is collected from stale ponds and muddy streams.

Chappy Valente, a professional painter and entrepreneur from North Carolina, accompanied me to Malawi last Spring as part of the mission team. As we watched women collecting rain water from puddles on the ground to take back in buckets on their long journey home, Chappy captured a moment in time in the 'warm heart of Africa' in this delightful painting entitled "The Road to Mzuzu".

I asked Chappy (pictured above) if I could post his painting on my blog with the hope that our "Friends of Malawi" would find it …