Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Statement of Purpose--OccupyFaithNYC

The following Preamble was read by Rev. Eric Jackson, Community Minister at Judson Memorial Church  and coordinator of the weekly interfaith service at Zuccotti Park for   

We are
Occupy Faith NYC

A Multi-Faith Coalition
of Leaders and members 
of every Faith Tradition And Practice
In New York City.
We are here to thank you
for joining us in our
weekly multi-fait service
in support of Occupy Wall Street:

We, the people of faith communities
throughout New York and the United States,
see in the spirit of Occupy Wall Street
a promise of democracy renewed. 
Our traditions are clear:
the impoverishment of the many for the benefit of the few destroys us all. 
The cries of our people are clear:
the American dream is compromised; the middle is slipping away;
and in our politics, fairness is dissipating.
So we commit ourselves
to the restoration of justice for all in our economy,
and compassion in our politics,
that together we might behold a revolution of values for all our people. 
We ask all Americans to join us in this prayer,
that once again our country might be the fulfillment of hopes and dreams
for all who reach its shores.
Minister Annie Allen