Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We're not in Kentucky anymore

Travel Day Two.  Dubai.  After spending 3 weeks researching and writing about Wesleyan history theology at Asbury Theological Seminary, we took off for another three weeks on the road--in Uganda.  First stop: Dubai.  After tearing across the world's most opulent airport, I found myself thinking: "We're not in Kentucky anymore." 

Kampala.  After a 14 hour flight from D.C., we arrived this morning in Dubai in transit to Kampala.  After only one hour to change planes, we were on our way  off to Entebbe airport in Uganda.  Pastor Baamu Moses, Director of Shalom Uganda, Dr. Caroline Njuki, representing the United Methodist Church,  and Grace (our driver) met us at the airport and welcomed two tired pilgrims to Uganda. 

An hour or so later, we checked into an Anglican Church spored Guest House to stay the night.  
Tomorrow we will pick up Dennis and make our way to Jinja to meet the rest of the team, visit some of the flood victims we helped from afar, meet the new tailors in the vocational training program we started, and tour the Shalom Coffee Collective supplying organic, fair trade, coffee to Thanksgiving Coffee Co. in Northern California.

WorldHope Corps and its partners (Communities of Shalom, Healing Waters International, and Thanksgiving Coffee Company) have committed over $50,000 this year to fulfill six major projects in Uganda:
  1. ·      Relief for Flood Victims in Jinja
  2. ·      Motivation and Empowerment Conference for several hundred youth in Sesse/Jinja
  3. ·      Support and Empowerment Conference for 100+ women in Sesee/Jinja
  4. ·      Shalom Graduation and Commissioning ceremony for 140 coffee farmers in Mbale
  5. ·      Shalom Graduation and Commissioning ceremony for 130 coffee farmers in Hoima
  6. ·      Sustainable Action/WHC Water Purification Project in Kitikara Trading Centre for the benefit of 3,000 people

While most of these projects have sufficient sponsors, we are still seeking financial support for Projects 2 and 6.  If you can help in time of need, please email me at worldhopecorps@gmail.com and consider donating to the Uganda Mission online:  http://www.worldhopecorps.org